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Jesus Navarro, An Undocumented Immigrant, Denied Kidney Transplant Despite Willing Donor And Insurance Coverage

Commented Feb 2, 2012 at 12:55:10 in San Francisco

“I am in total agreement with mollohan39, how can we reward illegal behavior, this man could have applied for citizenship, and gone through the proper channels to become legal like thousands of others. I do sympathize with the situation but there has to be some order and rules. I am a US citizen who now lives in Belgium (also have citizenship there). The system there is very different, but as a citizen, I MUST have health insurance, the care is excellent and no matter what people say the system here in the US is broken, due to situations being discussed here. I have kidney failure and will have my treatment in Belgium as I have no way of obtaining insurance here in the US anylonger...a kindey transplant is not necessary as there are other options for this man like dialasys is also an option, just much less convieninet. By the way is his sister also illegal? And to those people who say that Jesus would save him...please ask "HIM" to pay the bill also for the after care and the medications this man will need for the rest of his life.”

hrachaelh74 on Feb 2, 2012 at 13:22:45

“Amen! He was here working for 14 freaking years and he couldn't "get around to it" to fill out the proper documents???”
Life After Cancer: Survivors Face New Test In Long-Term Care

Life After Cancer: Survivors Face New Test In Long-Term Care

Commented Jun 6, 2012 at 06:45:57 in Healthy Living

“How true. As a survivor of stage 4 testicular cancer in 1989, I can attest to the fact that survivors must do their own research to understand the late effects of chemo and or radiation.
The radiation therapy which was directed at my entire mid section has caused numerous problems. Firstly, I have had to have 6 stents placed in my arteries (4 in the kidney area as a result of stenosis) and two in my main groin arteries (due to stenosis). I recently (8 months ago) had to have my intestines seperated due to adheasions which caused the small intestine to fuse to the walls of my adbomen I have acquired a heart mummer/high blood pressure/ and neuropathy and due to the combination of the radiation and chemotherapy. I in no way am angry (I am alive, and at the time of treatment, nothing was known about the late effects, I do agree there is a need for further research into late effects of chemo and radiation, now when I have a certain health crisis, I tend to look deeper into the possibility that this may be due to my life saving treatment.”