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Get Food Safety Done!  Once the GOP Is in the Kitchen, Food Safety Is Toast

Get Food Safety Done! Once the GOP Is in the Kitchen, Food Safety Is Toast

Commented Dec 4, 2010 at 13:30:28 in Politics

“Hi Aelfgifu,
Because you are from the EU, you will also be aware that CODEX Alimentarius is going into final effect in April, 2011 and that it has pretty much already outlawed, or will outlaw meaingful potency vitamins, minerals, and alternative therapies while allowing GMO-riddled foods and poisons that hundreds of companies had previously outlawed. This S.510 Bill will usher in CODEX Alimentarius to our lives. This bill has been called a "Food Fascism Bill" by many and for good reason. Note that the CODEX Bill was brought to you by the SAME NAZI who brought you XYCLONE-B POISON GAS USED AT DEATH CAMPS in Nazi Germany!
Good health to you,

Aelfgifu on Dec 4, 2010 at 14:23:26

“Don't believe everything that you read. Especially if it sets off your BS-detectors. (I'm assuming someone told you this information about the codex and you chose to believe it at face value without doing any kind of additional research. I say this, because if you had researched it, you would have found that the reality is much more reasonable. You would have also learned how to spell Zyklon, since you would have been reading about it.)

Anyway, like I said: Food guidelines = good. Food standards = good. Eating poison = bad AND deadly. And if you do the research, you'll see that the world isn't really as scary as you think it is. (And it doesn't take long to do the research. Don't use scary "conspiracy-theory" style websites either. I did a simple search just now for "Codex Alimentarius + Zyklon B" in Google and found out that there's no way IG Farben could have had anything to do with the codex because it was officially disbanded in 1951 and the codex was developed in 1963. Do you ever take Bayer aspirin by the way? Millions of people do, but they being subjected to poison gas.”

Aelfgifu on Dec 4, 2010 at 14:23:09

“First of all, I'm not from the EU.

Second of all, the Codex Alimentarius is a set of guidelines to help keep people safe all over the world. It's not mandatory and cannot be implemented into law anywhere. The FAO/WHO uses it as a guide, not as a mandatory set of laws. Furthermore, it's not a "bill." It's a set of guidelines that has existed for decades. The guidelines regarding vitamins, minerals, and herbal substances only set limits based upon how much one can safely take without overdosing. Many alternative therapies are untested and dangerous, so the guidelines for them are necessary. The codex also has no power whatsoever to ban or allow GMO-foods. or anything. Again, it's a set of legal guidelines to assist international organizations with regard to food safety standards. It doesn't have the power to force these organizations to do anything at all.

And the company in charge of manufacturing Zyklon-B gas was broken up after the war - long before the WHO (note: not Nazis) issued the Codex Alimentarius.”
huffingtonpost entry

In The Public Interest : Senate Passes Historic Food Safety Bill

Commented Dec 4, 2010 at 13:10:35 in Home

“Ryan Brucks,
You make a good point. I would suggest the possibility that some of the money behind this bill might have found its way into the pockets of some of the otherwise esteemed writers here. Obama's administration has done this with at least one "expert" already, just as Bush did to get popular support for such bills as "Leave No Child Behind."
You are right to be suspicious, too, because a lot of these Monsanto people are finding their way into the government. FDA has no problem allowing people with conflicting interests into their considerations. A recent example, the FDA committee behind the suggestion of expanded lap band usage had one of the executives, from the company that makes the lap band, on that committee.

Good health to you,
Jon Stewart Tackles Food Safety Bill Paranoia

Jon Stewart Tackles Food Safety Bill Paranoia

Commented Dec 4, 2010 at 12:54:12 in Home

“Whoops! That website is Check it out. Thanks.”
Jon Stewart Tackles Food Safety Bill Paranoia

Jon Stewart Tackles Food Safety Bill Paranoia

Commented Dec 4, 2010 at 12:52:00 in Home

“If you want to really learn about this subject, go read what the largest health freedom organization in the world has to say about. This organization, alone, has sent nearly 6 million Emails within the last year protesting what has been termed by many the "Food Fascism Bill." Look at their Food Safety Amendment which, if included, could address many of the concerns in the bill. This bill will also provide a back door entry for a European trade commission, CODEX, founded by a former Nazi, who brought us XYCLONE-B POISON GAS USED AT THE DEATH CAMPS IN NAZI GERMAN! And, it will supersede the vitamin protection act DSHEA. So, if your doctor tells you s/he doesn't know what's wrong with you and sends you home to die or suffer diminished quality of life, you'll find no alternatives medicines/therapies available. Remember the FDA has consistently allowed cigarettes, but have attempted to outlaw ear candles. Director Sibelius last Summer actually told the media to stop giving any press to parents alleging mercury as a cause for Autism. Oh, and they went along with the false H1N1 scare and netted BigPharma huge profits. Yes, it started out as a great progressive idea, Mr. Stewart, but it has been taken over by big business a long time ago. Their money is behind this and some to the Senators who passed it.

to take over our food policy, and make our food supply ultimately”