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I'm A Detroiter Too: A Response

I'm A Detroiter Too: A Response

Commented Nov 25, 2011 at 23:39:14 in Detroit

“I'm not from Detroit, nor have I lived in Detroit. I'm from Flint, MI and have spent plenty of time in both the city proper and suburbs of Detroit between friends and family who've lived there.

A thing I always notice in discussions of Detroit is how things used to be, bringing people back to the area, and the obvious divide between city and suburbs, white and black. Then, how to get Detroit back to where it used to be. The racial and suburban divide is a major issue, but I feel like that's a major issue throughout the U.S., just more pronounced in the Midwest region. I currently live in Chicago and there is no shortage of racial tension in what many consider, a "world class city."

Anyways, the point is, Detroit will never be what it used to be. It's a plain and simple fact. It was once a magnificent, teeming city of almost 2 million and now, it is not. I think the focus shouldn't be on making Detroit what it once was, but crafting what Detroit should become. I doubt the population will ever go over 1M people again and the city is HUGE for that amount of people. More work should be put into intelligently shrinking the city while using the extra space for sustainability solutions. I feel like once it's obvious that the city is moving in the right direction, the divide between the suburbs and city will begin to close.”