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A Vocice of Reason's Comments

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Florida Election Results: Marco Rubio Defeats Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek In 2010 Senate Race

Florida Election Results: Marco Rubio Defeats Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek In 2010 Senate Race

Commented Nov 3, 2010 at 09:34:11 in Politics

“You should do some independant research uses all forms of media and learn the truth. Democrats raise taxes and overspend Republicans just about every single time. "Redistribution of Wealth" for instance. DEMOCRAT idea .... they want to take your hard earned money and give it to all those people that refuse to work....while THEY keep all their money. The Democrats in power all come from big money too.. and they believe they are entitled to keep their money but you are not entitled to keep yours. Obama made more a couple million dollars last year... I did not see him giving his "excess" income to the elderly or poor. All those millionaire DEMOCRATS that just got caught for tax evasion didn't even want to pay THEIR share of taxes..... ignorance is correctable.... be open minded and objective! Learn the truth...don't just accept what one person tells you.”
Florida Election Results: Marco Rubio Defeats Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek In 2010 Senate Race

Florida Election Results: Marco Rubio Defeats Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek In 2010 Senate Race

Commented Nov 3, 2010 at 09:27:45 in Politics

“Let me think.... you have a problem with spending less and having less taxes taken? I guess you would rather be like the bankrupt California where they spend oodles of YOUR and MY money on anything and everything. I'm sorry... I work for my money and I'd rather keep it. Development creates provide income...income supports YOU! I don't feel you should be overspending on the poor... the poor have a choice; get a job and let them support themselves. I've been there...done that. The elderly have SS, retirement if they planned properly, pensions, and Medicare. Their families should be helping them with the rest. When did it become the governments purpose to support "people"...their job is to protect the "country" and handle commerce.

Read the Constitution; study our founding fathers. They won this country for us based on intellect, hard work and principles. They did not win by having poor principles and morals, overtaxing everything until everyone was in the poor house, spending money on anything and everything that is shiny.

Democrats have the highest record of overspending. We are in economic hardships...we need to cut back spending...hence why CONSERVATIVES were elected; those that believe in a balanced budget.”

Jake Gittes on Nov 3, 2010 at 12:32:08

“Aside from that, Our new republican governor is another billionaire who made his money by bilking the tax payer - excuse me, DEFRAUDING the tax payer - and one of his platforms was making it harder for people who are out of work to collect unemployment by proposing a plan that would cost billions of dollars to implement.
Rubio's plan for the our budget adds over $3 trillion dollars to the deficit, and he's so fiscally conservative that he used tax money to build a new field for his soccer team to play on while he was Speaker Of The Florida House.
My new representative refused to talk to the press or participate in debates before the election, and no one has any idea what he plans to do as a lawmaker - I suppose it is now a conservative value to hire people who refuse to consent to a job interview?
The Founding Fathers supported the idea of a progressive tax structure - you've heard of Adam Smith and Thomas Paine, right? - they publicly stated that The First Amendment creates a wall of separation between church & state, and they didn't believe in engaging in foreign wars, or even in funding an army.
Are you really going claim those are conservative ideas?”

Jake Gittes on Nov 3, 2010 at 12:31:19

Ronald Reagan & George W. Bush weren't big spenders & the deficit didn't explode during their presidencies?
The last republican president that behaved in a fiscally conservative manner was Eisenhower, and yet you still believe the fiction that the GOP is responsible when it comes to spending?
Personally, what I'd like is for my local government to actually invest in education and - as stated clearly in The Constitution you claim to have read - promote the general welfare of its citizens, not refuse to regulate growth & shaft the needy in favor of helping the wealthy.
Our state is economically dependent on visitors that come for its beaches, rivers, and lakes, and yet you're defending people who ran on the platform that we do not need to protect these natural resources, the same people who propose offshore drilling in every single session of the state legislature.
In central Florida we just spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars to pay for a new arena for a basketball team owned by conservative billionaire who publicly extols all the beliefs you enumerated, yet sidled up to the public trough with a greater sense of entitlement than any recipient of unemployment ever displayed, all at a time we're being told we can't pay for basic services.”

edgySF on Nov 3, 2010 at 10:39:45

“So there was a surplus when W was elected, and he left with a huge deficit. He also increased the size of government, spent billions on a useless war in Iraq, and bailed out Wall Street. And that means nothing to you. OK. Got it...”

hp blogger Jamie Schler on Nov 3, 2010 at 10:26:53

“Did you realize that so far This government has cut taxes for 95% of Americans? That they have succeeded in lowering the deficit? Thata functioning Healthcare system would SAVE tax payers money? And I know my Constitution, thank you very much, and my personal interpretation is that the government is responsible for the welfare of its citizens and in this century that means no one should go sick because they have no insurance, no one should forego surgery because their insurance has been pulled out from under them, everyone should be able to have access to excellent and affordable education. Every Republican administration since I can remember has only stabbed the middle class in the back to save the rich and corporations. And where were all you people when we were spending TRILLIONS on the Iraq war which was both illegal and unecessary. Do you know how many Americans that could have sent to college or bought healthcare insurance for? I know that Obama has increased Pell Grants and made getting student loans easier, two things the Republicans always took away from. Believe me, who wants to pay more taxes? But it isn't how much we spend but how it is spent and I would rather tax money go to health and education than Bush's wars!”