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25 Fun (and Educational!) Games, Sites and Apps for Kids

25 Fun (and Educational!) Games, Sites and Apps for Kids

Commented Aug 3, 2011 at 21:58:50 in Parents

“I know this is an uncanny topic to willingly open up to but due to a philosophy i believe in and my mom disagreeing with kinda hurt me and what i stand for. See my mom friends have the tendacy to call every once an a while and she doesnt be available see i use to rattle on about how she'd call back soon as she get out the tub as if i were a kid but as of a few months back i had to stop doing that or either not answer the calls. her friends go on about how i say these things and ask why she didnt call back yet alone have the decency to question my speaking which leaves my mom and i on bad terms and making me look like a liar. leaving out the fact its my o so simple life that remains on the line”