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Angela Yonan's Comments

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Catholic Schools Not Immune To Bullying

Catholic Schools Not Immune To Bullying

Commented Jul 16, 2011 at 20:37:41 in Religion

“My 11 year old grandson, who has autism, went to a chicago catholic school for nine years, he was just removed this school year because of unstoppable violence. He was jumped several times by groups of boys. When his mother provided witnesses when reporting it, the principal told her "he can't ask anyone any questions". When it was reported to the office of catholic schools, they just asked the principal what happened and he said "nothing happened, he asked the boy to leave because he is "too special education for them to handle him" this after taking nine years of tuition payments. The parish priest repeated to his parents the "special ed" comment, and then denied it when my daughter called an attorney. A priest who lies, and a catholic school administration who cover up, what a surprise. the most galling part is they have the nerve to print everywhere their "safe school environment policy" it's a nice statement, too bad they really couldn't care less about the kids, they are running a business for profit, not providing a Christian education in a Christian environment.”