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Betsy48's Comments

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Obama's First Day: War, Ethics, Recession, Guantanamo, Mideast (VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT)

Obama's First Day: War, Ethics, Recession, Guantanamo, Mideast (VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT)

Commented Jan 23, 2009 at 01:12:58 in Politics

“Jumpstarting the economy

For many months now the news has centered around jumpstarting the economy - either by having money filter down by giving taxcuts to corporations or having money percolate upwards through stimulus checks to the taxpayer. The first method is too slow a process to affect the individual who needs the help today. The latter method is no better. If I think my job is in jeopardy, there is no way I'm spending that stimulus check. I'll be saving that for the day I need to use it to put food on the table, pay medical bills or buy gas!
The solution as I see it lies in guaranteeing people their jobs! If I knew that I could count on a steady pay check six months, a year or two years from now, I would spend money. I would repair the dings in my car, get excited about sales advertised in newspapers and specials at the grocery stores. But how does one guarantee a job? Would President Obama take such an unusual step as requiring all employers to refrain from cost cutting techniques that involved a layoff? Are Americans generous enough to share the burden that confronts our nation. Would everyone be willing to take a reduction in pay so that we could all keep our jobs? I wish our economists would debate this idea, maybe fine tune it and then put it to the test. It might be the only stimulus we need to turn our economy”

Scar1 on Jan 23, 2009 at 08:58:44

“What Is Wrong With People?
President Obama and Vice President Biden have not long been sworn in and we got “gutless” attacks already. Women complaining about percentages; white racist threatening; war; economy, etc. and what are you doing to help-not a damn thing but, complaining. Some of you should have done that, 8 years ago. Here is someone really trying to make changes with a “train wreck” and everyone has so much to say now. How about Mr. President can we help you with something or give an idea or some constructive assistance. Oh no, just run off at the mouth and make matters worse.
Obama and Biden aren’t afraid. We pray for them and rebuke all enemies. They have the weight of the World upon them but, God is with them and will continue to carry them through the storm. When, the wave crash all around them “Peace Be Still”. When, “men persecute them and say all manner of things against; them they are exceedingly glad.” When, they are alone in the midnight hour; it is well with their souls.
So, what is wrong with people? They cannot see their own spots. They only see what they want to see which is what makes them happy and not what is the good for all people. Find something to do. Get a grip! The ship is sinking and you complaining are weighing down the capacity to float. The rest of this navy is sailing on.”