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Islamists Still Hate Cartoons

Commented Sep 20, 2007 at 19:07:49 in Politics

“Arming both sides of the Insurgency civil war is not a very smart strategy. It is almost sounds like an attempt to give General Patraeus a boost in the ratings. Free speech is all good, but one does not yell fire in a crowded theater. You keep pointing to others to write your fabulous postings but you may consider that free speech is not as clear cut as it seems in this country. If one criticizes the Aipac lobby they will feel the fundamentalist type of wrath that is more than disengenious. How strange that what we find so offensive in others can be found in our own nature.”
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Gia, You Think?

Commented Sep 19, 2007 at 01:24:30 in Entertainment

“Bravo Bill, ethnic children are the new target of the paparazzi. Gia was a tragic case of drug addiction, nothing funny there. Tragic is the new dark humor all for a laugh at other's expense. You would make Don Rickles proud.”
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24-Hour Republican Party People

Commented Sep 16, 2007 at 02:04:40 in Politics

“Sex sells doesn't it Mr. Mahr? The same old tactics the Republican rabid dogs used to impeach Clinton is now late night fodder for comedians on a roll. Sex sells like nothing else on television, aside from an endless over exposure of Britney, O.J. Simpson, the missing blond girl. Very little mention of a black girl tortured by six people in Virginia. Not glamorous enough for the hypocritical media. No, that is beneath them and their money grubbing mits.
What I find far more dangerous are loons in power who are begging General Patraeus to enter Iran as the next arena in the war. The architects of Iraq horrid fiasco should be exposed front and center in your comedy routines. Kristol, and other neocons should have their feet put to the fire. But, ofcourse this will not be politically correct, so instead the usual scapegoats are the meat for the comic class, like minorities, women who breast feed their children at Applebees. More of the same old cheap patriarchial, authoritarian, and narcissistic joke. What a waste of chosen material.”
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Maher Asks Edwards If He'll "Go After The Meat" To Combat Global Warming

Commented Sep 14, 2007 at 03:53:04 in Home

“Mahr is funny in the same vein as Don Rickles, taking his stabs at the candidates with a flourish that leaves me with ripples in my gut. I personally find that the global warming crisis should deserve a serious place in the political debate and not rendered obsolescent by wingut deniars or cheap lampooning for a quick adrenalin rush. Our democratic candidates are less beholden to the real culprits(oil companies and their legions of neocons in the White House), for the lack of action in this crisis that threatens the very existence of life as we know it including cows and bullshit.”
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Clinton Asked Whether Candiates Should Take Money From Insurance Companies

Commented Sep 14, 2007 at 03:24:16 in Home

“CosaBella, I agree with you, because I have gone through the same excercise of trying to defend Hillary against mass hysteria, bashing, bordering on hatred. Could be conservatives in democratic clothing masquerading here to feed the fires of their wingnuttery. The comments in fact resemble the hateful rhetoric you will find on conservative blogs. It is a losing battle to argue with closed minded individuals who have already made up their mind. Increasing resentment only allows evidence that has been cherry picked to fit in with their closed minded assumptions. Arguing pro and con about the candidates is a healthy democratic excercise, but as you can tell bashing reveals the psychology of the beholder. They are so antagonistic towards Hillary, only reveals their inner attitudes are aimed at themselves and others as well. Vengeful attitudes are hardeing as the result of being poisoned by the neocon thugs in power and their apologists in the media for the last decade. How ironic it is to attack with such hate and vile against our own Democratic candidates, while allowing the Republican obstructionists to get away with murder. Any of our democratic candidates would make a fine president rather than Bush who should be in prison. And besides, Mahr and Rose, seemed to ask questiosn that were lopsided and armed for bear to humiliate, and earn points with their conservative bosses. Other candidates had these glorious media celebrities kissing their boots.”

dawlishgal on Sep 14, 2007 at 10:33:59

“I have yet to see ANYBODY reply directly to my criticism of HC and her healthcare failure and the way it helped to destroy our lower-middle class when combined with BC's success with NAFTA. This is a VERY specific complaint, and one that I sincerely did try to get past when it comes to evaluating the Clintons.

It is VERY annoying to hear the proclamations of "mass hysterial, "bashing" and "hatred" coming from people who apparently have skipped specific comments similiar to my own.

If they can make a case for HC that will explain the problems I am having with her "experience," then I could happily support her. But calling people lie me a "basher" or a "hater" is not going to do the trick. I was SUCh a strong admirer of the Clintons until their combined behavior killed our lower-middle class and they either didn't even notice or pretended not to.

And now to be taking money from the same people that killed her plan....sorry, I, for one, consider this to be important enough as a negative to override anything positive she has accomplished (and right now I can't think of ANYTHING she has done for the general good of regular Americans). If anybody knows of anything, please let me know. I really would like to be able to admire her the way I used to.”

Libsrule on Sep 14, 2007 at 06:53:20

“WHAT has she done for America?

Seriously, what votes has she done that have been a boon to the Middle class, the working class and not caving to the corporate pimps who control the congress?

Name ONE bill she has pushed and gotten passed that was for the benefit of the middle class.

Public service my ass. She is in this for her ego and nothing else.”

Brettster on Sep 14, 2007 at 06:49:35

“I agree that the extreme hatred is ridiculous, but if you don't see the legitimate, overwhelming negatives of her from a liberal, progressive perspective than you just must not get it.

I'm sorry, just because I'm a registered democrat doesn't mean that I have to automatically support her. We've been told to basically shut up and accept her as the inevitable pick. Well, there's a reason why she leaves such a bad taste in SO many people's mouths, excluding republicans.

It's not too late. There's no reason why you should make excuses. She's flat out, outspokenly pro-war. She's shrill, she's fake, she's embarrassingly pandering, she doesn't take one strong stance in the face of what may be popular opinion. She doesn't have any health care plan, and she never says that she'll unveil universal healthcare. She skirts around what progressives really want on almost every single issue. Think about it. She doesn't stand for reform on anything. We can do a whole hell of a lot better.”
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First Online-Only Candidate Mashup

Commented Sep 13, 2007 at 03:01:03 in Home

“Typical behavior of conservative neocons is to blame the blamers while shouting from the rooftops their own self righteousness. Of course it is okay to pick sides, and cast aspersions at the media folly that has perpetuated the morass that has been inflicted into the national psyche. Thank God for blogs as an alternative to the propagandistic indoctrination that is difficult to tame. The best practice is to see how easy it is to fall into the trap of blaming the victims, while discarding the evidence that our own house needs cleaning.”
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First Online-Only Candidate Mashup

Commented Sep 13, 2007 at 02:36:39 in Home

“Wild Card questions by Bill Mahr. Really, your kidding right? Really funny, as I dropped my coffee on the keyboard. With outstanding questions like these, who needs journalists anymore? Bill, your at the top of your game, and I was pleased to no end to witness such brilliance of mind, and a comic genius, that surpasses all expectations. My only pet peeve is that Hillary got the short end of the stick and not given a better chance to offer her opinions on the crucial issues of today, rather than if she was fooled by Bush.
In the same vein, Jon Stewart appeared quite shy in his first appearance as Oscar host , I hope he will won't be so accomodating to the elite in his up and coming second appearance.”
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Remembering The News

Commented Sep 7, 2007 at 02:49:49 in Media

“I remember the early Iraq news coverage differently. It was designed as a video game, smart bomb videos, cheerleading by pundits across the board, no coverage of antiwar protests, zip zero, nada. There was blood lust in the air after 9-11, and now as we find out to our dismay, a few made out like bandits from the illegal disaster of this tragic foreign policy. The problem with reporting is that the Bush administration became pathologically secretive in their sharing of information with the press, therefore essentially framing the war to their advantage, exploiting the Soldiers and Marines, and lying to the American people. Exploitation rises to the top when the truth is censored and is the first casualty of war, rendered top secret by a neocon cabal hiding their mistakes, and others acquiescing to access any way they can get to it, the truth be damned. The American people have demanded the truth and have waited nearly five years until we could have Democratic oversight hearings to get to the bottom of these High Crimes and Misdemeanors. There is a lot of blame to go around on this if the truth finally surfaces.”
huffingtonpost entry

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Commented Aug 25, 2007 at 00:51:53 in Home

“Sorry for the boos in your comic piece. I suspect you will have a few more boos coming your way with your talent for swiping a broad brush stroke with ethnic jokes. This is always a cheap way to get a laugh. Comics have a license to really point out the reality of just how screwed the political establishment is, but I find comedians these days joining the buttercup brigade. Just the other night, Jon Steward handled the neocon Bill Kristol with kid gloves on his show. He must be a kindered spirit to deserve avoiding the hot seat for his unscrupulous defense of this mother of all tragedys in foreign blunders called Iraq. Now, he even advocates the attack of Iran, but he simply smiles all the way to the bank as a regular in the "media." Your interview with Bill O'Reilly was a missed opportunity and I thought you could have thrown a few comic blood darts, but maybe he just overwhelmed you with his presence and maybe the calculation to be shy was pr savy. Instead of mentioning the failures of Democrats be more specific and call them Blue Dogs. Another suggestion, you may use your extravagant talent and explain and lecture to your audience about Republican obstructionism. Boo.”
huffingtonpost entry

Hillary Clinton Pen-Pal Reveals Letters: "A Portrait of the Grown-Up Dork as a Young Dork"

Commented Aug 8, 2007 at 01:23:37 in Politics

“I wonder what has happened to the media that has become so shallow, depending on character profiling with Edward's expensive haircuts, Romney's makeover, and Hillary's earlier fashions. The absolute dependence on soundbites, that are attention getters, like "dork." It is the media as messenger that really needs a new makeover. The pundits have gone hogwild in their appeasement of the wingnut base, which seems to be around 26%. It is a travesty of the freedom of speech that has been dumbed down to image over substance. Well, I guess, that is what we get in this new age of infotainment. The lastest fad that is all the rage is Hillary bashing, so be it, because alot of people are going to eat crow come election day.”

Lynette1977 on Aug 8, 2007 at 09:32:29

“That's something I've never understood. Ask any red-stater why they hate Hillary and they have NO IDEA what to say. I've really heard everything from "she's power hungry" (nevermind that men with the same goals are NOT power hungry...and this comment came from a WOMAN) to "she stayed with Bill after he cheated on she's an idiot." I have yet to get a fact-based reason for their hate, which I have encouraged for the sake of objectivity, and have yet to receive an answer.”

Oragone on Aug 8, 2007 at 07:52:16

“Hillary deserves some bashing as do all the candidates. It will again be a vote for the lessor of two evils, which most of the time is a Democrat”
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The Left Fringe Needs to Quit Being Scared of the Fox

Commented Jul 31, 2007 at 19:03:20 in Media

“Left Fringe? It seems in today's media circus, anything left of Right wing punditry is fringe. So be it, at least we are not taking our marching orders from the powers that be. The disgrace is to even consider Fox news as a legitimate player. I am more than suprised that the Congressional Black Caucus would even consider Fox for the place to go for Democratic debates. Blacks, including Obama have had their share of slander and insults and biased reporting, due to the agenda of the Republican party, that has no real interest in Black voters, aside from a few tokens for the spotlight, and every four years for their votes, that we find now have been stolen by Voter Caging.”
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Environmentally Friendly Companies Revealed: Canon Tops The List, Burger King Ties For Last With CBS

Commented Jun 20, 2007 at 18:56:38 in Business

“Why am I not suprised? We have fast food companies at the bottom of this list and junk news from CBS, who are outdoing themselves as Bush administration appeasers. People are desperate to fill the void by attacking Democrats, when the focus should be on the mainstream junk news polluting the airwaves and poisoning the American psyche with a dumbing down of relevant information. But what can we expect from media pundits who can't for the life of themselves bite the hand that feeds them.”
huffingtonpost entry

The JFK Pipeline "Plot": Another "Chilling" Example of Political and Media Hyperbole

Commented Jun 7, 2007 at 20:09:08 in Politics

“Follow up from yesterday's comment on this diary. Yesterday, I mentioned the lack of a story on Bush at the G8 summit. Well today, Nbc came through with another glowing story of a potential deal with Putin. Tonight on NBC, there was a story of Green Peace activists being ramrodded by police boats.(theme-don't mess with the powers that be) Next story, more warnings and threats, of accidents to babyboomers(I am one), the story goes on to wrong overdoses of medication, falling within the home, etc. Yesterday I also mentioned the idea of code talk, well Nbc came through again in a story of how a prisoner communicated in code, as well as the Unabomber leaving a coded message. The story describes how FBI is trying to decode these messages,a form of "low tech." The essence of ideas are lifted from the net, not verbatim but taken and appropriated to the stories they select. If this were a one time incident, I would attribute it to chance or coincidence, but this kind of virtual plagarism has been going on for awhile. The next story is how the terrorists are using the net for propaganda purposes stealing soldiers blogs and pretending to be soldiers. How strange the same thing is going on with the networks as well. NBC reveals how the terrorists are becoming sophisticated, well, the networks have been technically savi for a very long time, and those unfortunate creatives, are bamboozled by the powers that be and it is almost impossible to stop these theiving bastards. It is just a matter of connecting the dots if one knows where to look.”
huffingtonpost entry

The JFK Pipeline "Plot": Another "Chilling" Example of Political and Media Hyperbole

Commented Jun 7, 2007 at 00:36:54 in Politics

“Another example can be found on NBC Nightly news today. The broadcast leads off with a potential breakthrough in the progress of research dealing with stem cells that may leapfrog the ethics debate. Following this important news, is a second story about the potential "warnings and risks" of a diabetes drug Avandia. On face value, there is no sense of "hyperbole," but if one considers code talk, then it becomes more sinister in the way the public is manipulated just below the threshold of consciousness. Funny, how no stories were reported on the foreign policy damage, Bush continues to inflict on the United States, with his cowboy stance against Russia. "Let's start a debate with Putin," as a distraction, potentially starting another arms race, so that Bush can see if he still has what it takes to make a difference in World Affairs. Trouble is, that crooks usually lose the moral highground and he seems to be playing the game of chicken with one hand in handcuffs.”
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To End the Iraq War -- September Will Be Key

Commented May 25, 2007 at 01:02:58 in Politics

“The broken record response : lets cut the funding and end the war now, as if that was a walk in the park. Logistically, it would take months at the bare minimum. Second, the congress may control the purse, but they do not control the military. Bush would keep them in Iraq and would rob Paul to pay Peter. There is no compromising with a stooge in the White House, in the pocket of Oil Companies, who demand that Iraq be turned into a gas station. There is no after thought that the gas station's pavement is the color of blood, but that is just the collateral cost of doing business to keep the cars on the roads. So, everytime, the enraged liberals drive their car, they too are complicit in our country's enormous hunger for oil. We may not be sacrifcing with a war tax and rationing, but everyone that drives is feeding the problem, but oh the glorious feeling of always blaming someone else. The twits that are calling Congressman's votes into question on these bills, are full of shit. When was the last time these typewriter warriors have visited a Veteran's Hospital? As a vet, Mr Murtha, I honor your fantastic service to this country. I thank you for starting this debate in the first place. Sometimes, when I read these responses, they all seem so similiar in their wording that it begins to smell of the one track mind. So, what if the democrats were to cut funding, only to allow the prick in the White House, to veto again and again and then what? The congress can continue to go after the Administration with a subeona assault, due to the long absence of the press not doing their own investigative duty. We still have a system of government, and if I am not mistaken, the Democrats do not have the votes to override Bush. Lets pass some of this bottled up rage towards, the President, the Republicans, and the stenographers in the press core.”
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Congress Needs to Find Out: Did Bush Order Gonzales and Card to Put the Squeeze on Ashcroft?

Commented May 22, 2007 at 17:42:39 in Politics

“All the shrill screaming from the rafters will not produce any truth telling from the Administration until the subpeonas are delivered and argued in court. The democrats have to stop playing the chasing after windmills game and get on with it.”
huffingtonpost entry

Dreamworks' Geffen Slams Clinton: "Typical Of Hillary" Not To Admit Mistake On Iraq War Vote

Commented Feb 21, 2007 at 21:45:47 in Politics

“ROYALTY? Geffen comes from the fantasy land of self proclaimed royalty, elitist narcissists and he just wants to cast his caustic remarks against Senator Clinton. If Geffen is so adamant on castigating blame for the Iraq fiasco I believe he should start at the source and show his outrage for the architects of this misbegotten war. We can start with Cheney, Bush, Richard Perle, Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and the latest revelation Feith. Sure sounds like a neo-con mafia working their malfeasance in the background away from the scrutiny of a defunct press. When Geffen places the real blame where it truly lies then he may have an ounce of credibility, otherwise he is just shoveling his money around which cheapens the political process.”
huffingtonpost entry

Dear Democratic Colleague...

Commented Nov 14, 2006 at 01:30:06 in Politics

“I am certainly glad that you will be our next democratic Majority Leader! The soldiers in Iraq deserve the best leadership to protect them from an illegal war. I admire your strong leadership, integrity,and voice for our troops. We will all be better off for the new outstanding team of Speaker of the House Pelosi and Majority Leader Murtha at the helm. Our country is hungry for a new direction and now our cries in the wilderness have been heard.”
huffingtonpost entry

Rupert Murdoch: Iraq Deaths Are "Minute"...

Commented Nov 7, 2006 at 02:11:45 in Politics

“I am sick and tired of these media elites that have signed the faustian deal with the blood of others. Rupert is a scoundrel with money. The death count of soldiers to him is "minute" but let us watch the bastard cry blood if his pet project Fox, loses a few points on their ratings. I boycott Fox simply by not watching that tabloid trash. Maybe after the election more viewers will follow suit and bitch slap Rupert where it really hurts, with reduced income from his beloved advertisers, then we will see the schmuck behind the mask , and see what he really calls "Minute."”
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Media Bias

Commented Jul 29, 2006 at 01:31:19 in Media

“Mr. Ornstein, don't worry, after all Israel has claimed that it has received a wink and a nod( or greenlight) to continue its massive attack on civilians. Why didn't Israel send ground troops against Hezbellah if they were hiding under the U.N. tower? Rather a smart bomb was sent to do the job, quick and easy, and oh yes, smart too. Problem is that four U.N. observers were killed, and that is the fact. Will we be able to have the results of an independent investigation? I doubt it, because Israel has forbidden it. end of story. You state, that Hezbollah hides behind civilians, and that they force Israel to inflict maximum damage on innocents. Whose decision was this? Did Israel e-mail Hezbollah for permission to attack civilians, or is it just another blaming tactic used in a Israel's floundering propaganda war?
I heard on tv tonight , that an observer stated that there is something terribly wrong if there are more dead children than there are dead armed soldiers. Don't you find that a little odd Mr Ornstein? Well, to tell you the truth , I find it repugnant and horrid, as should you , pal.”
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Jews and the Embarrassment of Excessive Force

Commented Jul 21, 2006 at 22:43:57 in Politics

“Embarrasement of excessive force? How about righteous indignation, horror, for the loss of innocent life, regardless of the sides in this conflict. Not one mention of the suffering by the Lebanese victims in this tragedy. I feel I have to apologize to even comment to the writer of this column, Adam Hanft. The arrogance, or is just false pride for the endless bragging that one is jewish? "I'm Jewish ( gotta love that great immunity granting phrase.)" Isn't that the root of the problem in the middle east conflict between Israel( a small oasis in a very large Arab world). The chosen vs the heathens. The Palestinians are occupied for decades, but who cares, since Israel has growing pains for their condos? I have been pro-Israel, for a variety of reasons. I have felt great pain for their history during World WarII. No group of people of any race, should have to feel the horrors of a Holocaust. Never mind Rwanda, Bosnia, or Darfur having endured their own smaller versions of genocidal horrors on a smaller scale to be sure, but where is the attention due in the media about those atrocities in the news from New York? After all a splinter in my finger hurts more than a nail in your wooden leg. The excessive self centeredness and narcissism blinds one to the pain of others and only leaves enough energy left for the right table at the right restaurant in the right city. Excessive pride makes one unapproachable, as you so eleoquently stated. It is far better to be part of the elite looking down than to have to face life like the rest of us unwashed. I do believe that this "immunity factor" has been related to the higher moral ground that Israel has had in my own limited perceptions of it. But, this higher moral ground has been lost for military superiority, that approaches massive criminality. Now, Israel will be seen as a Terrorist state, with paranoid tendencies for security and authoritarian lust for power. So,whatever it takes, simply kill civilians indiscriminately in the very same manner that you accuse the terrorists of committing. Yes, Israel has lost its higher moral immunity and has been corrupted into the lower levels that now is occupied by the thugery of the neocons in this country. Maybe Israel will even lose its special friend welfare status from America. Nothing elistist about losing your military funds or is it just money for bread and butter? The atrocities have just begun , but the blase judgments from the rest of the world are going to change awfully fast as civilian casualties mount at will.”
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A Challenge

Commented Jul 19, 2006 at 18:49:50 in Home

“The arrogance of the pro Israeli punditry goes without saying much. Sacrifice civilians for the authoritarian dreams of Israel is nothing more than savagry at its finest. Israel could have inflicted more focused attacks without destryoying Lebanon , but would have taken more time to implement. I am sorry to say that Israel has become the latest member of the Axis of Evil.”
huffingtonpost entry

Magazines and the Internet: A Match Made in Media Heaven

Commented May 5, 2006 at 04:21:00 in Home

“Yes, I too believe in the idea of "both/and" In geek speak it is called "convergence." The future is rapidly approaching and the idea is to have everything interconnected. Technologies will morph into each other as we now see hints of with the cell phone becoming a mobile entertainment unit. But more is coming that will be even more amazing. Sometime back I read an article about the invention of "Electronic Paper." This is my first time posting here, but the link to an article that has a description of this fantastic invention and potential uses is I can see how a hand held book would become a novel or a "movie" as one turned the pages. Or the magazine itself connected to the internet as it updated itself. People still like the feeling of a book or a magazine that is missing with a computer screen. Electronic paper seems to allow the best of both.”