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Bobby Gereno's Comments

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huffingtonpost entry

Too Young For College? My Fight Against Reverse Age Discrimination

Commented Sep 8, 2011 at 08:33:08 in College

“While I am sympathetic to your plight, there is one aspect of a graduate student which must be taken into consideration. While I will try not too seem judgmental, as I have never met you, a graduate student must exhibit maturity both academically(as you have), socially, and physically. Perhaps the admissions officers were worried about a 17 year old girl living off of campus, or perhaps she was worried about you being alone and isolated because of your age. Another turn off for admissions officers could have potentially been the presence of your parents in the application process. Social independence is a highly regarded skill, which most undergraduates cannot master, and thus get into a lot of trouble when trying to function without the help of a guardian. A University makes its money off of both private funding from companies and the government, tuition, and graduate donations, given back after they have entered the workforce. Potentially the graduate program no longer sees you able to get a job as a 18-19 year old M.S. in Psychology. It is hard to imagine significant amounts of full grown adults going to such a young clinical psychologist. Wherever I work in the scientific job force, I am treated as a child; and rightly so. No matter my grades, no matter my perfect SAT score, I am still only 17.”

Ruth1966 on Sep 10, 2011 at 16:36:24

“"Another turn off for admissions officers could have potentiall­y been the presence of your parents in the applicatio­n process."

==Bobby, her mother only showed up *after* she had been denied admission, fora meeting with the admissions director to get an answer as to why she was turned down. And that was so she could have a witness in the room to counter the school's ever shifting reasoning.

as to it being political, that seems to be an understatement.

Congrats on your perfect sat score! You may be 17 but in my book , your are a scientist-not a child. Age is a number-nothing more.

St Paul said to his protege, St Timothy, who was facing similar issues,
"Let no man despise your youth"
That's still good advice today. May God bless you and your work!