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Are You Scaring Young Women With Your Parenting?

Are You Scaring Young Women With Your Parenting?

Commented Sep 15, 2012 at 19:42:15 in Parents

“I'm commenting here as a late-20 something that hopes to be a parent one day. I also told myself that I will work my butt off in my 20s and get to the point where I have the job flexibility to leave at 4pm to make soccer practice if I need. I am currently in grad school because I knew that if I didn't do it now, I wouldn't be able to later if I wanted to have a family. I just knew that the two would never co-exist and that's unfortunate. The problem is, while me and all of my childless friends SAY we want to be working mothers, I can't name you someone I know that is actually doing that well enough for them to be happy with the amount of family time they get. From my perspective, I would like to see companies implement polices that allow for a more flexible parenting schedule for women AND men. I see is as my generations mission to change the culture of the workplace so that yes, we can breastfeed or pump and work and with technology as it is, that it's ok to take a conference call from home. I'm mostly worried that I will put all this time and effort into catapulting my career now, and it still won't do any good when I decide to become a mom.”