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Carl Davila's Comments

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Spring Term

Spring Term

Commented Jan 31, 2012 at 06:26:02 in College

“Yet another item lost in the rush to satisfy the student-consumer: responsibility. When are students themselves going to take responsibility for their own lives, for their own development, for their own learning?

As an instructor, I will go as far as I can to help a student who is struggling, but that is wasted effort if that student doesn't care enough to put adequate effort in, and increasingly I am seeing students who — for whatever reason — do not feel the need to do what is in fact needed to acquire an education: Laziness, indifference and plagiarism are prevalent, despite the passion and care I put into my work.

So I feel no obligation whatsoever to rescue any student from problems he or she does not actively take an interest in solving. This is a life lesson, it seems to me, that is entirely in line with Paul Stoller's commentary.”