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'The Pearl': Shell-Shaped Solar House Is A Beachside Retreat (PICTURES)

'The Pearl': Shell-Shaped Solar House Is A Beachside Retreat (PICTURES)

Commented Apr 12, 2011 at 09:41:27 in Green

“An interesting piece of biomimicry architecture. We are returning to micro-climate and site specific design. With that said, the article negates itself by stating the building could be placed anywhere. This is true in the sense that it could be built anywhere, but it would not perform to its optimal design in any other location other than climates that are close to this one.

My areas for concern with this project are the large sweeping areas of glass. The concern for this is the amount of heat transfer through the glazing. The best value that you could possibly get for windows (triple pane, low-e coating and krypton filled cavities) is about a R-7, which are mostly Europe companies with very few in the United States. If the temperatures are stable between inside and outside (neglecting humidity) then this may work beautifully. But judging by the pictures, it looks like a climate that goes through mild temperatures in the winter, warm temperatures in the spring and fall, and hot temperatures in the summer.

One other area of concern are the thermal bridges that will conduct the heat into the building. These thermal bridges are the metal glazing frame and the wood laminated structure. The wood structure will conduct less heat into the building, but it will still be significant due to size and amount of perforations in the building.

I think this is an interesting building with the ability to gain more out of it!”