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Craig Whalley's Comments

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The Myth of the 'Fine Line' Between Healthy and Unhealthy Drinking

Commented Jun 1, 2012 at 16:44:37 in Healthy Living

“What is the argument in favor of rolling the alcohol dice at all? In other words, what positive result follows from ever using alcohol? It seems to me that alcohol is always used as either an artificial source of pleasure or as self-medication -- is there any science to suggest that either use is wise? Can medical science justify even one potato chip, aside from saying 'well, one won't do much harm," and isn't that true of alcohol as well? Our society -- and just about every society everywhere -- views alcohol as an integral part of life. And the enormous damage that it does is dismissed as somehow unrelated. Call me a fanatic, but I think the whole culture has to change its attitude towards Alcohol and other "recreational" drugs”

Beth Burgess on Jun 1, 2012 at 17:57:16

“Very interesting point, Craig, thanks. Since I got sober, I have seen what real fun is, unenhanced by drugs or toxins - interesting isn't it, that people view me as strange because I don't drink. I am having real fun and they aren't!

I am increasingly alarmed by the amount of people who choose to drink irresponsibly, too. I do think we need a change of attitude to drink. I'm in the UK and it's really bad how commonplace out-of-your-face drinking is.”