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Daniel Cousins's Comments

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Dadmissions: <em>Frankenweenie</em>

Dadmissions: Frankenweenie

Commented Sep 11, 2012 at 17:29:21 in Parents

“Really this is more to the kids stand point some kids are scared by that. Where I find your problem is that you are not looking at how previews are set up. most are approved for all audiences being a disney movie they kind of keep to that in most cases (some of their live action movies are exceptions to that rule.) next you saw a Disney movie so be prepared to be hit with targeted ads for other Disney movies. So what you have here is an ad for a movie that is approved for all audiences that has been targeted to an audience that is watching another movie produced by the same company. You make what they have done sound so bad when in reality it is just business. You took your kids to the movies. You the one that took them to a Disney movie. You are also the one that put them in the target market. You are complaining about a movie when really your problem is with how this trailer was rated. Now maybe I am wrong, but here in Canada it says before the preview approved for all audiences so it is rated safe for kids. Don't hate the movie hate the rating.”