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Career Coaching 101

Career Coaching 101

Commented Mar 29, 2010 at 14:05:25 in Business

“I am a 3rd year College student and a client of Adele's for over a year and what she is saying is indeed what a client should expect from working with her. Ultimately, I believe that Adele wants to see every one of her clients succeed in whatever it is they set their minds to and her encouragement alone is a significant benefit of working with her.

After each session, I am always given a homework assignment relating to my goal as established during the session. In my case it is a bit different because I came to the first session with a very broad goal, I did not have a specific job that I knew I wanted to do nor a pressing time limit, nor had I chosen a major at the time. Either way, what meeting with Adele did was motivate me to do things I would never have even considered doing, or in other words, to push myself to try new things. I've found that carrying out Adele's advice has turned out to have good and important consequences on my life as a student.”