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9 Top Community Managers on Why Online Community Matters

Commented May 30, 2013 at 16:44:02 in Technology

“I first realized working with online communities was a career when I was working in nonprofit. We were trying to find a way to target and outreach to a new, younger donor base. We were incredibly fortunate to already had a passionate community of loyal donors and supporters (they just were older and were not really using social media). With a history of passionate supporters behind us the lightbulb went off for us and we were able to see how social media was the key to outreaching to that segment of donors we had been unable to connect with at that point. We began integrating social media into our fundraising campaigns, but the truly inspirational and motivating element was the development of a new fundraising event that was very reliant on social media and the formation of a thriving online community.

Being a part of the development and growth of a new community bonded together around a cause that was so important to me truly inspired me to make community building my career choice - and I haven't looked back since.”