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Kim Kardashian's Closet Gets Cleaned Out By Kanye West (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian's Closet Gets Cleaned Out By Kanye West (VIDEO)

Commented Sep 12, 2012 at 01:12:27 in Style

“My concern is that Kim ALWAYS seems to conform to whatever her man wants, likes, does, instead of staying true to who she is as an actual INIVIDUAL..and she can b too much of a "people pleaser" when t comes to her man at the time almost as if she is so eager to please who she is with so that she can finally have a viable, thriving relationship which in my opinion is semi-pathetic cuz he is a gorgeous, successful woman who needs & can find an equally handsome, successful, GOOD man that TRULY loves her for her & treats her right. And yes I do find it mildly controlling that Kanye felt he shld take it upon self to change her wardrobe as if she didn't know how to dress before. She and all of her sisters for that matter always looked fashionable in my opinion ergo they created a FASHION line...btw when does "blanding" dwn your wardrobe to all black, white, & nude/blush make u more fashionable or individual for that matter? And that's comin from someone who always where's black & white & is always criticized for not havn n e color n my closet which btw I'm still working on! Lol”