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Clinton and Credentials: "There Will Be Blood Part 2?"

Commented Apr 2, 2008 at 12:21:42 in Politics

“I'm here screaming to these four walls at the top of my lungs, - why don't people understand what HRC and her supporters are doing to us??? Don't they "get it"? How can, we the American people, allow someone so untrustworthy to lead us "nowhere" especially after these past 7 years of Bush and all the hard issues that lie ahead? Afterall, LYING really is LYING - that means there is no credibility to anything else coming out of THAT mouth. Please someone, please tell me this really is not happening! I beg of you, put me out of my misery! There really is no explanation for the irrational behavior of her supporters. Apparently there really are people out there with blinders on their eyes and headphones that repel sound on their ears and they are absolutely bamboozled by a vagina!”
Lou Dobbs Says Anti-Clinton Media Bias

Lou Dobbs Says Anti-Clinton Media Bias "Worsening"

Commented Apr 2, 2008 at 09:09:25 in Media

“Jay, we stopped watching the MSM after we saw nothing but 2+ weeks of 24/7 loops of Rev. Wright and asked ourselves, "is there not even one other event or issue of substance that is important to the greater world at large than this crap"? When we realized that there must have been other note worthy issues happening around the world, we knew then that we would not be watching, because watching them is simply "paying their salaries" and that keeps them continuing to spew their own biased opinions. Good for you. Sure wish more people would come to this realization. If we all stopped watching (paying their salaries), perhaps they would cease and desist in their one-sided commentaries!”
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What's Clinton's Story?

Commented Apr 2, 2008 at 07:14:01 in Politics

“If you really want to "know" HRC, please watch this movie. Her former friends tell us who HRC really is. It takes over an hour to view, but it is worth every second you spend watching so as to learn the TRUTH about HRC.
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The $100 Billion Lineup

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 18:17:24 in Politics

“Since we could never have enough money to send to any off-shore bank, I would love the U.S. to absolutely get these tax evaders trying to hide their money. We can't afford to "make up" the difference of dishonest people by being the honest taxpayers who are, in essence, allowing them to get the biggest break of all! Go after them and get this money cirrculated into our system to pay for all those worthwhile programs.”

dadw5boys on Apr 3, 2008 at 02:52:41

“Well maybe soon the Numbers of Republicans who prevent your comittee from doing this work will be gone and some fellow democrates will get you enough votes to psuh thru changes for the furture.

I wach the hearing and the Republican fill up every hearinf and metting with endless speeches, unrelated questions and even protecting those who are being questioned by interruption during questioning to burn upo the clock.”
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Nader Tells Gravel to Get Out of Race

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 15:57:40 in Politics

“"The last thing you want to be thought of is as some tiresome old gas-bag who likes seeing himself on TV," he added.

I guess this says it all!!!! Why can't Nader take his own advice to Gravel??”
McCain On Housing Crisis:

McCain On Housing Crisis: "I Don't Know How To Pursue That"

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 15:54:05 in Politics

“Why is it that just because someone has been a soldier and a POW that makes him "qualified" to be the POTUS? I don't get it. Do you suppose some of the other military people from the many other wars we have had and continue to have possess more qualifications than John McCain? I am certain there are many more military personnel who have greater qualifications, so why is this the one who is trying to become our POTUS?? Oh lord help us NOW!!!”
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Gen. Petraeus and a High-Level Suicide in Iraq

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 14:29:36 in Politics

“This is absolutely tragic and the truth, as it should be told to all, will never be known because the military cannot afford to display that truth; if they did, our fragile military ranks will shrink even more.”
Poll: Clinton Pennsylvania Lead Shrinks To 5 Points

Poll: Clinton Pennsylvania Lead Shrinks To 5 Points

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 14:09:34 in Politics

“Victoria, please stop paying the MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC salaries. Ever since the 24/7 loops of Rev. Wright stayed on their stations for 2+ weeks - like there absolutely was no other important events in America worth even the slightest mention - our household decided that we would no longer watch or listen to anything they had to say as all we were doing was "enabling". Our money in these economic hard times means more than paying those opinionated bigots salaries; so we have turned them off and find our news on the net. The less we watch them, the sooner they will have to leave the airways!”
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Bile in the Blogosphere

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 13:46:27 in Healthy Living

“Since I want the Dem Party to come together in November, I know that it will take more than just alleviating vile blogs to have this happen. HRCs supporters vow thay will NEVER vote for Obama because we, as his supporters, have called them all types of vile names and laughed at them on the blogs. (I am guilty myself.) However it has been quite difficult for us to temper our words when we see and hear a former POTUS (who should NEVER resort to these types of things) and his wife both try to destroy our candidate. Despite Obama being the candidate who wants his campaign to be run in a civilized manner, it is us, his supporters, who have felt the need to go against his unifying message of turning the other cheek because we have seen them use smear tactics. It truly is hard to turn the other cheek, but I believe we must just to keep McCain from being elected in Nov. We must open our minds and voices to HRCs supporters if we want to win in Nov. Instead of chastizing or using snide remarks to her supporters, we must correct our dialogue with conversations and FACTS to convince them of the reasons Obama should win and not her.”
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Straight Into Baghdad: Hillary's Campaign

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 12:26:17 in Politics

“Why has it taken so horribly long for the MSM to even begin to tell the public any "truth" about our candidates? It appears to me that either the Clintons or the Republicans own the MSM (I can't help but believe that Fox is owned by the Republicans). Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC) is one of the MSM who was on the same trip to Bosnia with HRC. Why didn't she just state the truth when this MIS-STATEMENT (LIE) was "initially" told by HRC.? Why did she just sit on t.v. everyday and relate other unimportant crap to the public instead of "outing HRC". What was/is her excuse? And are we supposed to actually "believe" anything else Andrea Mitchell or the other MSM tells us in the future - I would think her credibility is about as good as HRCs!

PJay on Apr 1, 2008 at 14:16:04

“Absolutely. Andrea Mitchell is a hillary shill trying to look neutral. It ain't workin.
She recently tried to push the "jewish vote" thing. Today, while channel surfing, it only took a minute or two to see how blatant she is in her bias, promising that she would have more on the Wright "controversy" coming up, and rhetorically asking her guest if Obama looked genuine while bowling. FEH!

And let's not forget that Hillary was recently singing the praises of michell's husband, Alan Greenspan.

With Andrea MItchell, Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, Tucker Carlson, Dan Abrams, MSNBC has become unwatchable (except for Keith Olbermann).”

standforpeace on Apr 1, 2008 at 13:54:00

“Good point. Why didn't members of the media who were along for this trip just jump in and say, hey that's not what happened? When you can't even count on the MSM to provide basic information, what in the hell are they good for?”

Gma11 on Apr 1, 2008 at 13:21:09

“Andrea Mitchell - I suspect because of who her husband is, Alan Greenspan.”
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Truth is the First Casualty. Logic is the Second. The Democratic Party is the Third.

Commented Apr 1, 2008 at 09:29:38 in Politics

“If you really want to find out the TRUTH about HRC, from the "friends" who KNOW and HAVE KNOWN her over the years, check out this movie. It is over an hour long, but absolutely worth every second of your time. Please don't miss it!
Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar Endorses Obama

Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar Endorses Obama

Commented Mar 31, 2008 at 17:30:04 in Politics

“Pammy, like you, I believe that another woman (a woman who is smart and QUIALIFIED) will run for POTUS and at that time, we will KNOW it and we will stand behind her. But this woman (HRC) is absolutely not qualified when all she does is MIS-STATE events repeatedly. She did NOT need to do that, but she did it just the same. Where is her credibility? She lost it. Also she is so partisian, and at this time in history, we need a candidate who is not devisive - Obama is that candidate! Thanks for being "female" and not just voting for HRC strictly because she is a "female". Thanks!”

Texasdemocrat2008 on Mar 31, 2008 at 17:59:36

“NOONE in the past 20 years that has ran for office is more divisive than Obama. NOONE!”
Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar Endorses Obama

Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar Endorses Obama

Commented Mar 31, 2008 at 17:23:25 in Politics

“Mhopegood123, I am so glad that you stated these facts and I appreciate the fact that you have been so diligent in making certain that the media (whom we have grown to despise) state the"facts and just the facts" and not just their biased opinions. Like you, I am well over 60 and a Latino female also married to a white man contributing any money we can to Obama. You are so right, we are the new face of America and despite the fact that my face is "old", I just love being considered and included among "we the people". Thank you for all you have done! We also support our most honorable candidate - Obama! Thank you again! It's people like us that will help him win the general as well as this primary!”

mcgreen on Mar 31, 2008 at 21:26:25

“Don't us older ones that support Obama get a good laugh when we hear the disrespectful remarks from folks who say 'oh Obama's supporters are ignorant kids who know nothing about the real world' .

We chuckle.”
James Carville, Mary Matalin Leave Washington

James Carville, Mary Matalin Leave Washington

Commented Mar 31, 2008 at 15:55:19 in Politics

“OMG Praise God Almighty! How did we luck out??? Are they taking their best friends with them??? If not, why not??? Only thing here is "WHEN" are they leaving. Did they figure out that they best leave our town now before HRC loses her nomination? Talk about make my day!! Is this a precursor for better news coming just around the corne??? I gues they want to be long gone when HRC finds that she did not win the nomination!”
huffingtonpost entry

Re-Discovering An American Hero

Commented Mar 31, 2008 at 14:31:02 in Politics

“Finally a Judge who has a thinking mind and who is not afraid to stand up and be counted. Finally a Judge who does not just go along with the rest of the crowd! Congratulations to Judge Ambro for having the balls to put himself out to the public!! Why aren't you on our Supreme Court as we NEED more Justices just like you since you could teach several of the other Justices a thing or two about the law! You truly are an American Hero and we need so many more just like you! Thank you Judge Ambro and thank you Livia Giuggioli for bringing this information to the public.”
huffingtonpost entry

Secretarial Consensus

Commented Mar 31, 2008 at 14:22:58 in Politics

“Thank God, finally some clarity in this mess of 5+ years, 4,000+ lives and trilliions of dollars in treasure spent because of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield failed policies particularly in Iraq. How many past Presidents' with the same policy on Cuba? The only politician I see on the horizon, who has continuously said he would even speak to our adversaries without preconditions, has been Barack Obama; certainly none of the other politicians have made an effort or dent in negotiations, and .none have brokered a secure settlement of peace anywhere. Anytime I hear of a peace settlement it is always short-lived. I certainly can't see HRC making any progress in this area. This will certainly be one PBS broadcast well worth watching!”
Architect Of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Architect Of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy "Reassesses" Hillary

Commented Mar 31, 2008 at 11:38:53 in Politics

“Sure makes you wonder what he's up to!! He didn't just become "best buds" with HRC unless she "acted" like perhaps there was something in it for him. Furthermore, he has lots of money and maybe she needs a quick fix of cash to pay the growing and lagging bills from her campaign”
huffingtonpost entry

Presidential Subprime Primer For Homeowners Under Water

Commented Mar 30, 2008 at 12:07:50 in Home

“"And Newsday reports that Maggie Williams, Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, served on the board of the subprime Delta Financial Corporation until it went bankrupt."

Why isn't this little 'TIDBIT" of news making the 24/7 loop rounds as Wright did? Can you honestly tell me that HRC did not KNOW about her campaign manager's place on the board of Delta? How much money did she rake in as a result of this little deal? WHERE IS THE MONEY TRAIL????”
huffingtonpost entry

Hillary Vows to Stay in Race 100 Years

Commented Mar 30, 2008 at 11:05:50 in Politics

“She may stay in the race until the end, but I believe the end is nearer than she thinks (or cares to admit)!”
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Iraq Crisis Threatens Bush-Petraeus "Surge" Strategy As Bankrupt

Commented Mar 29, 2008 at 19:39:00 in Politics

“Garlic - apparently "credibility" has no place in your choice. It should be way up there in terms of what you want in a commander in chief. If they aren't "honest" about their personal lives, how can you expect them to be honest when talking to this country? You can't expect it! Anyone who has to LIE in order to tell a story, is not MIS-STATING a fact; they are out and out LYING. Nothing more needs to be said - it's all about character - and they DO NOT have any!”

Toonadude on Mar 29, 2008 at 20:07:18

“What person of character would be willing to subject him/herself to a modern political campaign for the office of president? We've screwed ourselves.”
huffingtonpost entry

Iraq Crisis Threatens Bush-Petraeus "Surge" Strategy As Bankrupt

Commented Mar 29, 2008 at 19:34:21 in Politics

“SpaceCadet, you don't sound like any space cadet I have ever encountered - way too smart for that! Absolutely, W. Blitzer has his priorities us his a.. After 24/7 for 2+ weeks previous to last week, you would think that perhaps something else might be considered NEWS, but no, not according to the MSM. I guess Barack is too white, too black, to liberal and too conservative. You know, I guess, no matter how you cut the mustard for them, Barack will not quite make their grade - whatever that grade test might be!”
Hillary And Bill: We Aren't Going Anywhere

Hillary And Bill: We Aren't Going Anywhere

Commented Mar 29, 2008 at 18:09:29 in Politics

“AlwaysLearning, do you want your children to also be able to learn from the Clinton's that MIS-STATEMENTS are really nothing more than because that is the credibility issue that they currently possess? I, for one, do NOT want my grandchildren learning that LYING is the way to go through life. I want them to take responsibility for their actions and LYING is NOT taking responsibility, but rather pushing the blame off on something or something else.”
huffingtonpost entry

Truth, Lies and the Bosnian NAFTAgate

Commented Mar 29, 2008 at 14:22:47 in Politics

“Jules, problem is the MSM have not played the Bosnia story 24/7 for 2+ weeks and Billary deserves to have it played "EQUAL TIME" - the MSM "OWE" her at least that much!”

AnninCA on Mar 30, 2008 at 12:21:44

“Naftagate? Well, Obama turned that one into a big story by constantly back-peddling. She got more coverage over the Bosnia deal for just the same reason.

They both thought the story would go away. They both dug the hole deeper.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don't.”
huffingtonpost entry

Dear Democratic Elite: Back Off

Commented Mar 29, 2008 at 12:22:45 in Politics

“You forgot to include, "Clinton is also a mis-statement". Please read Peggy Noonan's report in the Wall Street Journal (also shown on the front page of HuffPost today). She hits the nail right on the head!”

WiseOne on Mar 29, 2008 at 13:05:56

“What part of "Peggy Noonan is GOP and wants INSANE MCCAIN to WIN" do you NOT understand?”
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Beyond Jeremiah: A New Kind of Media for Obama's New Kind of Politics

Commented Mar 29, 2008 at 11:44:06 in Media

“I truly used to believe that the MSM would NEVER NOT report "facts". Why did it take me so long to realize that all they currently report is propaganda, supposition, inuendo, personal bias or opinion,or mis-statements (lies)? Why didn't I listen to my husband? Well, I am now! No, not just because of Shaun's report above, but because when the only thing I saw (24/7 loops of Rev. Wright), I finally realized that my husband was "right". That was when it hit me that 24/7 loops of Rev. Wright could NOT POSSIBLY BE THE ONLY IMPORTANT ISSUE OF EACH DAY FOR TWO PLUS WEEKS, I knew that I had been suckered in and duped by a very effective machine. I vowed that, NEVER AGAIN, would we pay another dime in the salaries of the MSM. NONE of those so- called "news" stations will be allowed in our household again until they can get back to reporting "THE FACTS AND NOTHING BUT THE FACTS. If we can't find information we need or want in the newspapers (where sources are at least questioned, if not always given and links provided to backup statements), where we can decide with our own brains if the information makes sense, then we can live without that information altogether. There are certainly better "ENTERTAINMENT" shows on the other channels and these will suffice until reporters do their jobs as defined iunder journalism in Websters dictionary.”
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