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Fabio Cardinali's Comments

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huffingtonpost entry

"Super Tuesday" Isn't Super for a 19-Year-Old Cold Murder Case

Commented Mar 10, 2012 at 08:15:14 in Crime

“Thank you William..I am so proud to have your/Danielle's friendship,maybe sometimes I make some mistakes in English grammar...”
huffingtonpost entry

"Super Tuesday" Isn't Super for a 19-Year-Old Cold Murder Case

Commented Mar 9, 2012 at 09:38:13 in Crime

“Reading this painful story of Danielle's mom I see how the reality is crude in comparison to the fiction. Infact here in Italy the most popular series on TV are:C.S.I., N.C.I.S., or COLD CASE, where we can watch pedant and smart policemen using the most modern procedures thru DNA ond other scientific devices how to find the criminals.The procedures of police help also the "cops" to work in a safe way (first shoot and then think, in Italy it is the contrary).So I ask to myself why the detectives working on this case have been so lazy and superficial.This is a typical "Cold Case" and I wish to my friend Danielle to have the possibility to reach the justice she deserves.God bless you Danielle!”

TySmith on Mar 9, 2012 at 15:16:22

“Exactly right Fabio, it's not like on TV, in Real Life Forensic evidence sits on a shelf for 19 yrs. I've seen this in many cases, justice is not swift & must be fought for. The victims have absolutely no rights, the Police do not do their job, I'm so proud of Danielle for never giving up, how can she when someone as precious & loved her mum Gail Parker was just taken by an evil act. Love NEVER gives up!!! I believe this is the year everything will come to light, Thank you for supporting her, all the way from Italy, you are ace my friend, it makes a difference.”