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Obama Addresses White House Summit On Community Colleges

Obama Addresses White House Summit On Community Colleges

Commented Oct 8, 2010 at 10:41:23 in College

“You miss the point. 80% of all students who enroll in community colleges drop out. Permanantly. There is only a 20% graduation rate. Regardless of time to graduate. The average community college student is 30 years old, and already employed. And 20% are already employed in their desired field of training prior to attending community college. And community colleges have to spend far too many resources on remedial education for those students who were behind in high school, middle school, grade school. This simply is not a worthwhile investment of our tax dollars. Our country needs to place more emphasis on early childhood education, starting at birth. Too many of our kids start kindergarten already behind. And they never catch up. I know you're a community college staff member, but let's be honest. We need to start early so our kids, in 20 years, will be ready to attend your community college and actually graduate with a degree and get a job. To spend money remediating kids who are already adults is ridiculous. Where is our common sense.”