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The Top 5 Green MBA Programs In America (Probably The World)

Commented Nov 8, 2010 at 15:49:27 in Green

“At the Bainbridge Graduate Institute we are proud of our accomplishments and, more importantly, of the accomplishments of our graduates who are both launching exciting enterprises and making many large organizations more sustainable. We are proud that many schools have copied us.
Since Dr. Saez's departure, we have become fully accredited and have continued to receive accolades and awards. We pride ourselves on two of the issues with which Dr. Saez finds fault. First, we employ both academics and practitioners as faculty, recognizing that both theory and practice have much to teach students.
Second, Dr. Saez is quite right that we structure many of our student assignments as team assignments. Most of the work of business in the 21st century will be done in teams; the more we teach our students to function effectively in teams, the better. This emphasis on teams sometimes makes the evaluation of individual performance more difficult. For this reason we use more individual testing than we did when Dr. Saez was at BGI.
We are in a far stronger financial condition than when Dr. Saez was on the board. We are grateful to the donors who have made it easier to deliver an excellent education.
We are also deeply grateful for the honor bestowed upon us by Karen Kloosterman in recognizing BGI as one of the five top sustainable business schools in the country. We would welcome a visit from anyone who wishes to share the excitement of seeing our program in action.”
huffingtonpost entry

In Berlin, Cars Burn as Neighborhoods Change

Commented Apr 26, 2010 at 17:11:02 in World

“The discussion of whether "carsonists" in Berlin are good or bad misses the point. The more interesting question is whether this form of protest is a harbinger of things to come. It is possible that it will prove effective and hard to stop. In that case political vandalism may become widespread. Check out for some of the implications for sustainability and social justice.”