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Japan: The Most Prepared Nation

Japan: The Most Prepared Nation

Commented Mar 16, 2011 at 16:42:58 in World

“Japan’s refusal to loot also shows up in a penchant for returning lost items, both of which are products of a culture that emphasizes the importance of group harmony or “wa.” From early on, Japanese children are taught to turn in any lost items they find to the police in their local neighborhood. A very high 75.9% or 194,139 of 255,844 wallets and 94.7% or 95,000 of 100,247 cell phones reported lost in Tokyo in 2005 were turned in to authorities according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Lost and Found Center. In 2002, the Tokyo Center took in $23 million in missing cash, 72 percent of which was returned to its rightful owners. Japanese are still human and such trying times are bound to yield some conflict, but taking advantage of the situation or someone else’s hardship for one’s own benefit, even in such desperate times, seems to contradict the core values that guide Japanese behavior and hold Japanese society intact. (Source: "No Earthquake Looting? Trust Japanese Wa,"”