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A Dead-Serious Thought on BP

Commented Jun 14, 2010 at 11:39:59 in Politics

“Chris, wow, really. That should be atop of the Pres. agenda? Wouldn't fixing the problem and problems, that are intertwined, be a better priority. That probelm of course is that we have deregulated ourselves into a swirling economic and now enviromental disasters. You sound like fella who's house is on fire and you believe that if the fire in the bathroom stops then you will be good, well the rest of the house is still burning. The Gulf disaster is the continuing boondogel we call deregulation. Maybe the better priority is preventing the next catastophie. Maybe, or maybe the war and the dead soldiers, or the anemic economy, oh yeah did I say dead soldiers! I know the birds and the spill and the Gulf is a tragedy, but for the love of God man how do we forget that young man and women die every day in never ending war. Yeah what was that about the Pres. top priority. Schmuck.”
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A Dead-Serious Thought on BP

Commented Jun 14, 2010 at 11:24:58 in Politics

“Thank you. Factual data seems to elude our modern media.”
Mark Souder RESIGNS Over Affair With Aide Tracy Jackson (VIDEO)

Mark Souder RESIGNS Over Affair With Aide Tracy Jackson (VIDEO)

Commented May 18, 2010 at 10:08:46 in Politics

“My thoughts exactly. As this trend seems to continue. Trend being the folks who scream and champion the "value" thing are always the people undercutting the "value" thing. Whatever the "value" thing is, politics would be better served by disgarding these ambigiuos moral judgements. Politicians are not the moralality police. Morality is essentially personal, shame on anyone who tries to impose it. Yet, I must extend some props to Rep. Souder for taking his stand all the way. Having the conviction of the beliefs he spoke of (weather I agree or not) and taking action his fellow "value" prescibers did not and resign. I respect him for that.”
American Power Act (PHOTOS): The Key Points

American Power Act (PHOTOS): The Key Points

Commented May 12, 2010 at 16:18:36 in Green

“Wow, could this bill be any weaker. These caveauts are chalked with future loop holes. How can these guys have some many halfhearted ideas for a real problem.How can they even think about funding something that does NOT exsist, like clean coal(it's a marketing idea, it's not real). Can I make some shit up and get 2 billion in fed. funding? I too question old Joe's involvement.”
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How Massachusetts Can Turn Out to Be a Blessing for Democrats

Commented Jan 21, 2010 at 11:28:53 in Politics

“Me and my wife where talking with stripper who was getting signatures for an Ohio ballot mesure when she made an incredible observation. She called modern Democrats Republicats. odd how fitting this old comment is today. The problem of then and now is the Lefts inabilty to embarce the Left. Combine that with the Rights abilty to message manage and you have an apocaliptic defeat coming. People aren't disenfranchised by of some marginal point, they are pissed because they did not get what they voted for, a progressive radical shift to the Left. So the Left is pissed, the Right is dancing an Irish jig and the Independents have been paralized and will vote Repuclican. People forget quickly that the Dems largest problem is that they fail to move in lock step, and they have an amazing inabilty to market a message. Meanwhile the Right is sharpening thier skills. Here we go again, the retro fitted Regan message; low taxes, strong military and ecomony will be better. Can the Left see this coming? Can they avoid modulation if it will save them? Can they assert a message that is clear, quick and strong minus Kerryesque nuance. Without corective mesures radically to the Left we may have seen the Republican that can win the Presidency. Yeah, I'm the crazy the one. The guy won a statewide election in Massachusetts a year after the historic Obama election and the death of Ted Kennedy, and he did it with a pick up truck!”

TLV on Jan 21, 2010 at 12:00:45


From BradBlog:

"The poll also found that of the Obama backers surveyed who voted for Brown (18%) "82 percent said they favored a public option for insurance coverage, with 14 percent opposed," while the ones who sat out the election favored a public option by a margin of 86% to 7%."

Fellow Dems - pay attention! It was a protest vote by and large. They want the healthcare reform to go ahead as of YESTERDAY! No more foot dragging.”