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Grey One's Comments

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Jason Russell: Role Model

Jason Russell: Role Model

Commented Mar 24, 2012 at 20:34:25 in Media

“At this very moment African forces are massing to find Kony to bring him to justice. Once that is accomplished, I think this will bring on even more healing for those nations affected by the atrocities of war lords. Maybe those people will believe the world cares about them and that there is justice in this world.

Tell your daughter Russell didn't let anyone down.Tell you daughter SHE made a difference because she cared. She didn't resort to name calling and attacking a decent man for not being worldy enough. You let her down by not supporting this cause and by being so cynical.

At least Jason Russell asked for money after he gave you truthful information about his cause. His charity is subject to disclosing where every single dime is spent. Unlike Michael Moore who gets your money up front, emotionally manipulates you, outright lies to you and never has to tell you what he does with your money. You won't see Moore having an emotional meltdown, cause he has no conscience. Moore also employs a very expensive PR team. Russell was not prepared for people to attack him when he is only trying to bring a murderer to justice. Where is the outrage for what Kony is accused of doing?

The guy is used to being in front of the camera. 80 million hits and international media attention is a phenomenon. I doubt even you could handle it without PR support.”