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The Chilling Effect

The Chilling Effect

Commented Jul 29, 2011 at 23:24:34 in Women

“Thank you for telling the real story of courage and anguish that it takes for women to come forward with these types of crimes. Everyone seems to be drowning in pools of her character this, her character that from the media. A case like this should only be tried in the courtroom, not in the media. Imagine if we didn't get fed these weird partial details that seem to change slightly depending on where you look. The case would not suffer from biases on either side and a case would be that much more likely. One last comment - rape is NOT sex. To all who wonder why any man of DSK's stature would possibly do something like this, quit trying to apply your own sane logic to this. A rapist is motivated by rage, violence and power. Last time I checked those aren't ideals associated with sex.”