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James Hastie's Comments

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Nancy Pelosi Bringing Newtown Child To State Of The Union

Nancy Pelosi Bringing Newtown Child To State Of The Union

Commented Feb 9, 2013 at 23:39:35 in Politics

“She should invite the TWO concealed carry permit holders from Detroit who shot the bad guys this week in self defense; or the college kid in Rochester who used his AR-15 to scare off 2 burglars last week. This woman is blind to the fact that guns save lives 2.5 million times each year in the USA. Stop exploiting these poor kids already (Super Bowl, Grammies, and now the State of the Union?). Shame on her.”
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Why Are We So Horrified Over Horse Meat?

Commented Mar 10, 2013 at 14:40:02 in Green

“Holy crap, you really enjoy putting words in my mouth. Thank you for telling me what my problem is, haha! I must not be visiting the same kill pens, auctions and slaughter houses you are... And if you want to kill and eat horses, you probably would kill and eat your own dogs and cats too, instead of wasting that meat. Bon appetit.”
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Why Are We So Horrified Over Horse Meat?

Commented Mar 9, 2013 at 19:07:29 in Green

“Judy, I'm not crying, and who is talking about caring for them for 30 years? I'm all for peaceful euthanasia, and I know a few vets donating their services for people who can't care for them. Moreover, I agree with you - owners should be responsible. However, after working for the State University of NY College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville for nearly nine years - I saw first hand - over 600 mares were bred each year with only a couple hundred sold at the school's annual yearling sale. Horses that weren't fast enough were sold for cash in the middle of the night to meat dealers - and many of them were killed after the equine faculty gave their friend's overvalued appraisals on their 8283 form for the IRS (because the trainers they know sold them for too much money, they had no prayer of ever recoupimg their "investment"). When the equine faculty there were caught and asked why they're breaking a foundation policy prohibiting the sale of any asset for cash - used your same excuse that the horse was no longer "useful" to the program. At the same time Senator Valesky obtained several million dollars from the state for a rehabilitation center at Morrisville? Why not spend a fraction of that to create a place where horses can be euthanized? The problem is not responsible owners - the problem is overbreeding and owners with their back up against the wall who cannot afford euthanasia -”

Judy Wirth on Mar 10, 2013 at 10:19:00

“What a waste! Would you have hundreds of horses and thousands of pounds of MEAT buried and wasted? We have our horses that we love and take care
of but what you are saying is no owner should have the right to dispose of a
horse the way they see fit, for any kind of monetary gain. The tax code is
what your problem is, not the common person who loves horses. The
loopholes have been used for years by the TB people and once again "horses
are the sport of kings". Are you willing to eliminate the ownership of
horses by people with small acreage who own and use horses strictly for
enjoyment all across America by eliminating any way for them to dispose of
an animal that isn't suitable for their purposes. Horses are better off at
the slaughter house rather than being left to starve when a person who
"loves" them can't bear to move them off their property even though there
are no extra funds to care for them. The horse rescues are at best another
way for people to get grants from whatever organization (money to live off
of themselves) to care for horses.”
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Why Are We So Horrified Over Horse Meat?

Commented Feb 20, 2013 at 04:58:09 in Green

“One more question that shows USA's decline, a country built by horses and the consumption of which makes as much sense to me as the current debate over the Second Amendment. The only reason the USDA classifies horses as livestock and not companion animals is because of the tax implications - which is ironic considering what the average horse trainer uses to medicate their horses. Let's spend even more money we don't have to inspect and regulate.”

Judy Wirth on Mar 9, 2013 at 11:55:42

“Did you ever hear about the people who crossed the continent with horses and oxen and when they ran out of food they ate them?? The horses going to slaughter are generally horses that are not useful do you have a solution for caring for them forever (30 years lifespan)? What is a companion animal anyway? It is any animal you chose to spend time with. Did you ever spend time with a cow? If they are played with like a foal they are awesome. That doesn't mean you don't eat them. I feel sorry for people who are constantly crying over something and never provide a solution to the situation they are crying over. Horse "rescue" is not the solution for 1200# animals. Let the horse owner be responsible for making the decision of which horse to keep and which to dispose of and how it should be done.”
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Overview of the American Equine Summit

Commented Apr 8, 2012 at 10:22:00 in Green

“Thank you CanAm, means a lot. Sadly the same dean who told me it's just a matter of economics and refused to let me notify donors that the horses they trusted to the safe-keeping of SUNY Morrisville's equine program were being sent to kill pens. I still believe if donors were told what was going to happen to their horses, they would absolutely fund the cost of euthanasia, take them back, or find someone to adopt them. Same dean is still there, managing the very rehab center I helped to fund. I'll never forget what he asked me, "why should I spend $150 on a vet when we can get $300 for meat?" Same guy was appointed to the Governor's task force to look into alternatives to horse slaughter. The institution receives millions from the state to expand the program and will likely receive a percentage of racing purses now. Probably still unwilling to fund euthanasia because he told me then "there should be a terminal market for horses." Makes no sense, to me anyways, then or now, how a man with a philosophy like that can be managing one of the largest collegiate equine programs in the United States.”
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Overview of the American Equine Summit

Commented Apr 7, 2012 at 19:05:06 in Green

“Glad to hear progress continues to be made since 2009 when I was asked to resign from the State University of NY College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville after learning I was the only administrator who thought our faculty shouldn't be selling horses to meat dealers while the Morrisville College Foundation board and I were raising money for an equine rehab center.”

CanAmFam on Apr 7, 2012 at 22:34:18

“Bravo to you James for standing up for the right thing. And shame on SUNY Morrisville!”
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No Race Horse Left Behind

Commented Mar 26, 2011 at 03:38:33 in Sports

“I know what Joe Drape is going through. In 2008, while raising money for an equine rehab center at the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville; I discovered the faculty were selling horses to meat dealers (and managed to keep the college out of a mini series on horse slaughter that was produced for HBO Real Sports). When I brought it to the president's attention, I was asked for my resignation and told that I "showed a lack of wisdom for not looking the other way." I was also told by the dean of agriculture and Morrisville College Foundation Treasurer that it was just a matter of economics. They believed it was perfectly ok to sell a horse for pennies per pound instead of notifying the original donor the horse was going to be sold (my profile picture was taken earlier this month while I met Dallas, a horse that was donated to the Morrisville College Foundation and later rescued from a kill pen). If nothing else, at least this debate is on the front burner again.”