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Lena Dunham Interview Quotes: 26 Sound Bites From The Most Quotable 26-Year-Old

Lena Dunham Interview Quotes: 26 Sound Bites From The Most Quotable 26-Year-Old

Commented Jun 17, 2012 at 23:58:54 in Women

“There seems to be a huge disconnect between the people that "get" this show, and this mindset, and this writer/creator chick, and the people that don't, and both sides seem to have really aggressive opinions. What I think is that, its like being a teenager. When you are that age you cant picture yourself older and wiser, and when your in your twenties, its like that again, but you think you ARE older and wiser but your not. But saying that shows need to be written about people when they are 40 and have kids is like...everything else on TV. Everybody Loves Raymond. King of Queens. Modern Family. Parenthood. Pick a network and a time, and the American dream, 40 year old with kids making it all work is on. Nobody has tried to conquer this weird, awkward time when you're supposed to be an adult but really not ready for the deep commitment of life yet. Bravo to Lena Dunham for doing it. She is definitely speaking for a LOT of awkward, unsure, super-intelligent, slightly distracted, emotionally confused and financially un-savvy people, including myself. Keep doing it.”

Bianca S on Jun 18, 2012 at 13:19:33

“If these "girls' are so "super-intelligent" then why can't they figure out a way to pay their own way?”