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Jeffrey Edelstein's Comments

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The Death of Criticism or Everyone Is a Critic

The Death of Criticism or Everyone Is a Critic

Commented Nov 19, 2011 at 12:25:22 in Arts

“One would hope that arts presenters could cultivate promising, discerning bloggers, facebookers, and tweeters as a way of developing audiences or appealing to the younger audience (and the older audience that may prefer iPads to program booklets and miniature flashlights). Presenters could even invite a "critic-in-residence" who would rotate from time to time on their own web pages and blogs as a way of developing talent. This critic should of course be given free rein, but provided with the resources that they might need, including fact-checking and editing. The Kennedy Center trains arts administrators through the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, why not initiate a similar program to nurture critics and bloggers? And arts presenters might work with humanities groups or universities to provide grants or stipends because Mr. Kaiser is correct that, for whatever reasons, newspapers and magazines are not supporting critics. There would still be a wide variety of opportunities for people to post their opinions, but those who really do want to learn more or become arts journalists in some sense could rely on properly fact-checked, clearly written, and edited sources of information, description, and evaluation. In addition to reading print media I have also learned a great deal from blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. I do not believe it needs to be a zero-sum game.”