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Mitt Romney On 'Innocence Of Muslims' Video: They Have A Right To Make It, But It's Not Right

Mitt Romney On 'Innocence Of Muslims' Video: They Have A Right To Make It, But It's Not Right

Commented Sep 16, 2012 at 16:55:34 in Politics

“I cannot believe any god from any religion would take serious offense at something so simple minded in its production as this film. While it was a waste of my time to look at, it is absolutely no excuse for the resulting deaths of anyone.

Wake up my Muslim friends. This is just a film... something no one should waste their time or energy on. Either way, it is no reason to rise up and kill anyone. We all need to lift each other up. We all need to believe we are connected as human beings.
We all need to believe in something. I feel the most important thing to believe in is our free agency to do whatever we choose, as long as it brings no physical harm to another. Everyone thinks their religion is the only one. Maybe we should all focus more on the idea of this life here and now. None of us knows for sure what follows this life. Take care of this one now and worry about the next one when you get there. For all we know this is the only life we have. Lets embrace it and love each other... even the worst of my enemies are easy to love. Some of them are not easy to like though. Happiness and peace to all.”

LADY2CNTX on Sep 17, 2012 at 00:16:00

“As Americans were are NOT at liberty to tell Muslims to 'suck it up and just take it' as you have simply suggested. I believe in my CHRISTIAN religion and i would be highly offended if someone spoke in my presence against it.

We need more tolerance and basic intelligence.”