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What You Can Do To Support School Libraries In Crisis

Commented Dec 8, 2011 at 22:27:19 in Books

“Yes, students from affluent homes have always done better on standardized tests, and in many affluent communities, school libraries and librarians play a vital role in the academic programs of those schools. But don't all students deserve as much support as we can provide for their literacy development? Common sense (and studies by Dr. Stephen Krashen) suggests that students who have access to a wide variety of reading materials - both in print and electronically - develop stronger literacy skills than those without them. Classroom teachers also benefit from the support of a school librarian who has expertise in the areas of literature, technology tools integration, and teaching the research process. We cannot afford to short change any 21st-century students and educators. It's a question of equity and priorities. Literacy for all should be number one!”