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Judy Bulman's Comments

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Unsung Hero

Commented Mar 18, 2010 at 01:24:28 in Politics

“Dear Mr. Farrell,

My name is Judy Bulman, but if you ask Greg my name is Judy Erickson, my maiden name when I met Greg and 24 years later that is the only name he calls me. It is pretty funny really. I was the babysitter the summer Kathy was killed. Our moms worked together and were friends. Krissy was 15 months old and Kimmy was 5 months old, and I was 16. Greg and I became very close over the next year, and when he did get sent to prison I was there every week. In 1991 when he was released we once again crossed paths, but it was not the right time. Even though we didn't talk I thought of him often, he had found a place in my heart and that is where he stayed. I lost my husband to illness in December 2008. I found Greg's address and sent him a letter to get in touch if he still felt the same about me as he had then. He called in June 2009. I am so thankful for all of his friends and family and their willingness to accept our new path that we are on together. I don’t tell our story to blow my own horn I am telling it so that you all will know that he is genuinely loved by me and will be loved by me until we have to say our goodbyes for one last time.

Thank you,
Judy “Erickson” Bulman”