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Jules Rothus's Comments

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Japan Whaling: Country Says It Caught 195 Whales In Pacific Ocean Under Research Program

Japan Whaling: Country Says It Caught 195 Whales In Pacific Ocean Under Research Program

Commented Sep 16, 2011 at 18:13:58 in Green

“The Japanese are a "Defiant" race. Nobody not even God can tell them they are cruel, callous and self absorbed. WW11 and other numerous conflicts for gain and not survival tell the true story of this mean spirited people. They are like the rich in this country, who tint their windows so they do not see the truth. Obviously there are good people in Japan.
May The Lord reincarnate these killers back as Dolphins and Whales until they see themselves as we see them.

Lord Forgive Them for they do not know what they do. Jesus

My favorite show is Whale Wars.

May the Lord guide me to help these wonderful creatures.”

thelatescottbaio on Sep 17, 2011 at 05:32:54

“god isn't real, whale wars is fake. try doing some actual research on the topic of whaling. did you know the whaling done in america has more of an environmental impact than the whaling done by the japanese? have you taken into account the population numbers of sei, minke, and brydes whales? you do understand the take amount is far less than the yearly population growth of these species right? you understand these species are listed as having least concern populations right? what don't you take a look at the rates of whales in by-catch in korea. and while you're busy loving whale wars why don't you check out the video of paul "pretend to get shot" watson in 1986 throwing oil and magnesium flares at whaling vessels. or how about his 1995 attack on costa rican fisherman where he dumped fuel in the water and set it on fire. it's disgusting you anthropomorphize whales and support terrorists with no regard for human life. you're a sick person.”