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Soda Myths: The Truth About Sugary Drinks, From Sodas To Sports Drinks

Soda Myths: The Truth About Sugary Drinks, From Sodas To Sports Drinks

Commented Mar 17, 2013 at 10:53:55 in Healthy Living

“After studying childhood obesity for the past five years, this statement makes me wonder when we will wake up: "Tingling made clear that the city's Board of Health was only meant to intervene "when the City is facing eminent danger due to disease," he wrote in the decision. "That has not been demonstrated herein." Guess what? Obesity is responsible for more illness and deaths in children than all other sources combined. Liquid sugar causes hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, sugar addiction, tooth decay and behavioral problems. It is the quickest growing epidemic the world has ever faced. Now our children will live shorter life spans just because of childhood obesity. NO child deserves to be obese, and it actually is more than "eminent" danger. The danger is already here. What is wrong with us that we allow our desire to eat what we want to interfere with a child's well being? Do you let your child smoke or drink alcohol? Teach your children well, and wake up America.”