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Over Your Dead Body (Last Rights)

Commented May 24, 2009 at 19:28:45 in Healthy Living

“Excellent article Carol. Mahalo for taking the time to share such a sensitive subject to many. from ur dpeth of ur heart.

I am so sorry for the expeirence u and ur daughter went through. U certainly deserved way better with more compassion and hinesty. Mr Howard has no clue to what compassion and honesty means. I have writen to him a few times only to recieve generic rude answers. As far as I can see this agency of Accreditation is more of buy it not earn it organization. A paid trip to Honolulu seems to be priceless.

We have had our complaint in with his organization since Nov 2008. Not a thing was done. In fact the Medical examiner here hasn't seen one day of consequences. But those of us who stood up have certainly lost our careers of many years. Worse then that is the loved ones that suffer for the rest of thier lives not having the real answers they deserve and not having some closure and peace with honest answers and compassion.. That is simple unforgivable and unacceptable.”