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President Obama's Oil Spill Comments (PHOTOS)

President Obama's Oil Spill Comments (PHOTOS)

Commented Jul 27, 2010 at 23:08:45 in Green

“UGH, When i think of the oilspill it makes me mad! My dad was helping and making good money and they layed him off, And thats not cool. You noe how many people dont have jobs in the U.S., WELL LET THEM BE ON THE OIL SPILL. now my dad has no job and it kills me to see him unhappy. Now im an 16 year old. and I Say if you wanna help the oilspill stop! THEN QUIT LETTING PEOPLE GET LAYED OFF... Now yal stick that one in your juice box and SUCK IT. UGH be smarter then what your working with.”