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Kathy Chinery Hesser's Comments

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huffingtonpost entry

Why 'Caylee's Law' Is A Bad Idea

Commented Jul 25, 2011 at 15:21:09 in Crime

“According to this articles arguments we really shouldn't have any laws at all, after all, someone somewhere will get convicted of doing something because of a law and of course the evil prosecutor was able to twist it to convict another poor innocent person. The Caylee petition I signed did not mention a one hour death reporting required, but only outlined a 24 hour missing child report. I support this whole heartedly. In the circumstance about the teen saying they were "missing" 2 days before her mother knew where she was makes me support the bill even more. She could have been abducted on her way to her friends house and her mother not know for two days because she didn't bother to confirm with the friends parent that her child had arrived safely. I always, even when my children were teenagers, kept track of where they were and they had to call when they reached their destination. I adamantly do not believe that this law would increase child missing reports, divorced and separated parents already report missing children to the police when their spouses don't return them as agreed, happens all the time and the police deal with it just fine. Any sane caring parent already reports their child missing within a short amount of time, within minutes or a few hours, so it wouldn't increase reports of lost children. This law would only effect parents who are neglectful or criminal. It needs to happen.”