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Katie Hawn's Comments

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How To Sleep Better Using All 5 Senses

How To Sleep Better Using All 5 Senses

Commented Aug 28, 2012 at 18:46:29 in Healthy Living

“Use your Brain:
What you think about just before bedtime has a great impact on your sleep. Just take 'sleeping on it' to a new level: tell your body how you want it to feel in the morning - use words like 'deep healing sleep', and 'completely rested and ready for the new day' and imagine where you would go if you could go anywhere your imagining could take you during the night - how about a beautiful peaceful yoga temple (you don't have to do yoga) to feel relaxed and balanced in the morning. I have done this for years and it's been a great help to me in all areas of my life.
25 Ways to Feed Your Soul: Stop the Insanity

25 Ways to Feed Your Soul: Stop the Insanity

Commented May 21, 2012 at 08:10:04 in Healthy Living

“I change my mind and shift the energy in my life by programming my sleep every night (ok, almost every night assuming I don't fall asleep in the middle of my routine!). I have a technique I use that's like going off on a magic cruise every night. I'm the captain of my ship (for creating a habit of self-esteem) and I am in charge of telling my brain and the universe where I want to go and who I want on my crew. It's been empowering and really helps me. Lately, my life has seemed in a stall. To get the energy going again, I have done a series of "world service" journeys. And my meditations in the morning help me understand the surprising shifts that are happening. My soul is being fed from amazing places every night and now my life seems to be taking interesting new directions. Plus - it's fun.”
<i>The Givers</i>: What Inspires Michael J. Fox? A Very Personal Interview

The Givers: What Inspires Michael J. Fox? A Very Personal Interview

Commented Apr 5, 2012 at 09:18:47 in Women

“I am always encouraged by people like Michael who are incredibly challenged and find a way to keep giving and helping others. Years ago, as a CranioSacral Therapist, I was helping a girl with traumatic brain damage in a day care facility. Though she could hardly move and couldn't communicate except for basic vocalizations, I somehow dove deep enough into her psyche during the sessions and together we found a way for her to express and give from her soul. After that, she began to hold her head up a little better, but more importantly, the other clients in the facility felt a wonderful energy coming from her and were drawn to her. I have a picture of one boy cuddling up with her feet as a pillow.

Now I use my sleep time to help the world. I call it a 'world service journey' - kind of like a very focused bedtime prayer intention. I just invite in lots of helpers and go out to offer my help in whatever way is for the highest and best good for the planet and for everyone on it. In the morning I usually feel that, whatever I dreamed or didn't dream, that somehow the world is a better place.
5 Steps to Change How You Feel

5 Steps to Change How You Feel

Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 18:16:15 in Healthy Living

“I have developed a habit of saying a rather elaborate bedtime prayer every night, which is like programming my sleep to be the way I want. And when I am overloaded with negative emotions, I just imagine myself in front of an altar and peel them off like an old holey sweater and throw them onto the flame of transmutation, surrendering them to my highest good. Then I can focus on good feelings and what I want for the night. If I am especially confused, I then just surrender to my highest good. That seems to shift things by morning. But intense good feeling work can bring up the buried bad feelings. So I just make myself aware of that and don't act on them. Just recognize and release. Sondra Ray once said: "love brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing".
Over time, I have slowly built up a core of good feelings. Bad feelings still happen, but they are just transitory. Katie Hawn, DC