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3 Dangers of Artificial Turf

Commented Jul 11, 2012 at 15:27:58 in Green

“The author needs to do research.

"When was the last time something fake was better than something real?" Everyday! My son's soccer games are much more enjoyable on turf fields vs his practices that are on hard, dried out rutted fields. The practice fields are uneven creating 10x's the hazards for injuries. THere is litlle vegetation because of all the wear from other kids, and the ground is hard as rock with the current drought! Give me turf please!!

Fact is turf is softer, go walk on a field. Turf surface is much hotter although I disagree that the temp above it is. I do discourge play on extremely hot sunny days. I challenge those that say the chemical pollutants from turf are more damaging than the chemicals, watering, and lawn mower operation required to maintain a lawn.

Just to be as ridiculous as the original post - "When was the last time something fake was better than something real?" Air conditioning and home heat are not natural either. They are alternate environments. The natural environment is outside, I assume you just open your windows in the summer and burn real wood in the winter.”

Viridis on Jul 12, 2012 at 19:53:21

“Hard fields are the result of poor maintenance and poor construction. A field can be renovated for a fraction of the cost of artificial turf.

The surface temperature can exceed 170 degrees on an artificial turf field. University of Pennsylvania has determined that no version of synthetic turf remains much cooler on a summer day.

Synthetic turf requires its own suite of chemicals. It needs anti microbials to sanitize against blood, sweat, urine, fecal matter etc. It needs anti static to prevent crumb rubber from clinging, it needs algaecides and herbicides to prevent weeds. At least natural turf can go organic.

Yes, artificial turf is an "alternate environment" - with all of the drawbacks, coupled with outrageous cost, why not just go for the real thing.”