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Lanse's Comments

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Inside The Landmark Forum

Commented Mar 15, 2008 at 15:34:20 in Healthy Living

“The points made in your comment (primal therapy, therapy without a license, hypnosis, "crash") are not only unture, but innacurate to the point of being laughable. There is nothing therapeutic at all in the work of the Landmark Forum, and the work being done is performed by leaders (yes, real leaders) who are highly competent in its delivery.

As for it not being an environment of critical thinking, I would beg to differ, as would the Nobel laureates, world-renouned scientists, Zen masters and other esteemed "thinkers" who have participated in the Landmark Forum.

I can only hope that people have the sense to think for themselves and check out the program on their own, and not be swayed by the crazed rantings of uninformed reactionaries. And I especially enjoyed the dramatic effect of the "menace to society" line. That's a real knee-slapper!”
huffingtonpost entry

Inside The Landmark Forum

Commented Mar 13, 2008 at 13:06:16 in Healthy Living

“Just so you know, I stood for a world that works before my participation with Landmark, and I still do. And I'll pit the thinking I've done, the actual actions I've taken and the results i've produced in line with that against you anyday. "You sound like a drone." Now there's some real original thinking! What if you could actually think, rather than just comparing and assessing, like a true drone? Wouldn't that be something!”
huffingtonpost entry

Inside The Landmark Forum

Commented Mar 8, 2008 at 20:39:32 in Healthy Living

“A more accurate title for this article would have been “Inside The Head of Karin Badt.” Given the opportunity to present a real “critical thinking” piece on The Landmark Forum, it’s a shame that what we got instead is just a dressed up hack job. And granted, it was written as an assessment, so Ms. Badt is certainly entitled to hers, but the real disservice is that the assessment could be read as what the program really is. And would it have been so much to ask for her to at least get her facts straight? Werner Erhard did not escape the U.S. and all his disputes with the IRS have all long ago been settled, and in his favor. Of course, that kind of “reporting” would take actual fact-finding, and not just going for the sensational pandering to those hungry for dirt. And any elementary examination of what actual brainwashing is would also have precluded Ms. Badt from using the term in reference to the course. The article is full of cheap generalizations and dismissals, potentially leaving the reader with the impression that The Landmark Forum is for needy, pathetic people in search of some kind of guidance, and that all-in-all the course is nothing more than a rehashed version of tried and true principles for operating effectively in life. Also, the comments that the organization is run by “obsessed volunteers” and that people are “made to” do anything, including apologize to loved ones, are just flat out untrue. And the reference to Gandhi was in no means politically biased, only used to illustrate what is possible when one human being takes a stand for what’s possible, in the face of the prevailing cynicism.

I am a successful writer, filmmaker, and political and social activist, who has had the real privilege to participate in the work of Landmark Education, and I can say, as a critical thinker, an activist, an ordinary human being who stands for a world that works, and not as a “reporter,” that the Landmark Forum is for people with the courage to examine their lives and life in general, not as a means of getting fixed, but as an access to making the biggest contribution that they can. The people who really participate in the course, not those there merely to assess, are courageous enough to tell the truth about where they have given up, where they have become resigned, where they have stopped thinking, and in that moment of real choice, to empower themselves to create a life that makes the kind of difference in the world around them that is a match for who they really are, and not the story about who they are that they have been living inside of.

The Landmark Forum in an occasion for real and critical thinking, not just assessing what fits or doesn’t fit with what’s already there in the existing mindset. Ms. Badt seems to have deeply held beliefs and heated debate collapsed with critical thinking. And assessing collapsed with real reporting. It is a shame that because of that, we are left more with how she views life than the real story on The Landmark Forum.”

heyletsevolve on Mar 9, 2008 at 17:24:25

“--as a critical thinker, an activist, an ordinary human being who stands for a world that works,--

See, that's Landmark jargon right there. In Landmark, you have to "stand" for things, or for the "possibility" of things -- in fact, you have to "be a stand" for things. You can even BE a stand for the possibility of something!

You "stand" for a world that works. Why don't you "stand" for thinking for yourself and using your own language, not jargon that has been implanted in your head. You sound like a drone.”