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Laughing Atyou420's Comments

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If Romney Were President, Osama bin Laden Would Be Alive and Free -- Here's the (Inductive)

If Romney Were President, Osama bin Laden Would Be Alive and Free -- Here's the (Inductive) "Proof"

Commented Apr 7, 2012 at 13:29:49 in Politics

“Pure Speculation. If pure speculation is the mode of operation for the Obama campaign, then I, as a member of the majority independent "party" will have nothing to do with him.

Was killing the old frail Man, already imprisoned in that house on the third floor, worth the fallout and increased dangers to living US Troops that have resulted from the fallout of illegally invading a sovereign country, no matter the costs? Obama was reckless, and only thinking of the Political rewards which he promptly boasted on National TV, to the great embarrassment of the Pakistanis.

Maybe the rewards of the intelligence bonanza were worth the fallout, but I do not credit Obama, but the brave US Troops that did it. Obama is no great warrior!

I never wanted any of these wars and Obama has not gotten us out of Afghanistan.”

talyn530 on Apr 9, 2012 at 06:46:16

“Well...if you truly are an independent and that is all it takes to lose your vote...I feel sorry for you. Especially when I think about how President Bush and the entire Republican Party milked the whole 9/11 disaster to the point where they were even speaking ill of the families who lost loved one's...for having the sheer audacity to criticize their politization of that tragedy. President Obama made a very daring call to get bin Laden, it worked out, he came on television and informed the nation and the world. There was no bombast, no strutting, just the facts! Besides, everyone knows that it ain't bragging, if it's true!”

andyriveria on Apr 8, 2012 at 21:14:51

“look at the hue and cry among the republicans to bomb iran”