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Legally Blonde in Boston's Comments

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Child Care Unaffordable For Low-Income Families (INFOGRAPHIC)

Child Care Unaffordable For Low-Income Families (INFOGRAPHIC)

Commented Aug 18, 2013 at 14:39:38 in Parents

“Interesting that Mass. is one of the two most expensive states for childcare, but I disagree with the contention that low-income families are the only ones affected. At least in Massachusetts, there are several programs which provide assistance in acquiring affordable care to low-income families (basing a definition of low-income off of minimum wage).

When I got my first job out of undergrad, I did not qualify for assistance (I was just over the line) and was paying ~$17K/yr for childcare before my daughter entered Kindergarten. I would say $17K/yr affects a lot more than low-income families given the assistance programs here. Without taking those programs into account, the stats provided here are a bit misleading.”

sep780 on Aug 19, 2013 at 14:37:30

“It's not saying it only affects low income families. It's saying that child care for 2 children costs more then 1 person makes working full-time at a minimum wage job in most states. It also pointed out that in most states child care for an infant can cost more annually then 1 year of a state college. It hits the low income families hardest, but the middle class would be hit hard by it also. The wealthy not so much.”

laubelkins on Aug 18, 2013 at 14:58:22

“I find it unsurprising that MA is one of the most expensive, being a resident. I don't have children myself, but my co-workers struggle to find adequate childcare they can afford on a salary of two well paid adults and many end up relying on the good graces of older family members, sometimes elderly (which isn't the ideal). If one actually can qualify for those programs and the funding isn't being cut too badly by the sequestration, then they help... but mostly it doesn't.

I agree that it does affect a lot more than just low-income families, most definitely. The middle class, however, is falling further and further into the "low income" category.”