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America's Best Haunted Houses (PHOTOS)

America's Best Haunted Houses (PHOTOS)

Commented Oct 20, 2013 at 10:29:55 in Weird News

“I think Asylum in Louisville KY deserves a mention. Not only is there a traditional mile long haunted forest (with giant slides that you slide down into a huge ball pit, black out mazes, chain saw Pete, the works), but Zombie City and Zalien Extreme are friggin great.
Zombie City is an interactive play, where a scientist hands you the 'cure' right before killing himself because he is infected, and tells you to get it to the other side of the city where a doctor was waiting to replicate it and save the world. You and your military escort run from zombie hoards, hole up in buses and shacks for breathing breaks before heading out again, and as you move from the city and meet each character, you find out more and more about what happened.
In Zalien Extreme they hand you air rifles (Asylum is a paintball course during the summer), and you move through a smoke filled warehouse maze, shooting the zombie aliens that jump out at you and looking for the power switches so you can deactivate them and destroy the queen.
The best part is there is a haunted carnival going on around the haunt, with horror themed games and actual prizes and food and a freak show. Its super creative, well scripted, very unique, and one of the best haunts I have ever visited.”
Odd Mars 'Flower' & Snakelike Formation Spied By NASA's Curiosity Rover (PHOTOS)

Odd Mars 'Flower' & Snakelike Formation Spied By NASA's Curiosity Rover (PHOTOS)

Commented Jan 7, 2013 at 11:24:35 in Science

“Lolz. I'm surprised you know how to read. You DO know that we didn't slaughter the Native Americans because of they didn't like how we treated the land, right? We slaughtered them because we considered them savages, barely human, and did not think they deserved any rights or empathy and they had something we wanted. Land. Furthermore, how on earth did you make the jump from 'Robot on Mars' to 'Slaughtering Native Americans'? Are you speaking out for Martian Rights?”
Bigfoot DNA Tests Prove Hairy Creature Exists, Genetic Researcher Says

Bigfoot DNA Tests Prove Hairy Creature Exists, Genetic Researcher Says

Commented Jan 6, 2013 at 23:08:41 in Weird News

“The evidence IS in front of you skeptics. (That little dot is a period and marks the end of a sentence). You wanted dna, (That's a comma, meant to show a pause in a sentence) THERE'S dna (Another comma is appropriate here), what else do you want (Once again, comma), a dead body? (That is a question mark, to show you are asking rather than telling) So you don't believe TILL (although Honey Boo Boo may pronounce it as 'tell', it's actually spelled with an I) you see it, so you don't believe in GOD either. That last sentence makes no sense btw. Is that a statement? Are you telling me if I don't believe in Bigfoot, I don't believe in God? Like, that's a fact? Hmmmm. Wait?! I don't believe in Santa! Does that mean I don't believe in God?! My entire belief system has been shaken!”

Politco on Jan 8, 2013 at 02:51:46

“Seriously, grammar police..the only person you're making out to be a fool here is yourself.”