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Lindsie Kate Sooter's Comments

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The Social Disconnect -- How Hollywood Misread Facebook

Commented Oct 4, 2010 at 19:12:12 in Technology

“I agree and I don't agree with the author of this post. I didn't like The Social Network, it wasn't about the Facebook we all have learned to love. I wanted to see more of the uses of Facebook and what it has become: a social network. Not a gateway that led it's leader to a world of conspiracy and sex, although it might seem that was the central focus. Whatever to sell a compelling story seems to take the lead roll in a movie instead of only making it the salt and pepper to a general plot.
I wanted to see the magic of how a social network reconnects long lost friends, lovers, businesses, politicians, etc. I thought that the purpose of social networking would be reflected in the movie, not it's origin. However the movie was based on what sells a movie, therefore, I was left disappointed.
However I didn't think the movie lacked in entertainment value. As a movie goes, it caught my attention and held it throughout the 115 some-odd minutes that The Social Network was.”
huffingtonpost entry

How Are Children Exposed to the News?

Commented Sep 21, 2010 at 16:06:16 in Politics

“Most children are exposed to news on a daily basis, good and bad. In this post there was emphasis on how exposure to news isn’t the healthiest for a child. Surprisingly, although it seems common now, was what Kelly quoted from a school counselor; sometimes the TV can become the babysitter in a household. It’s the sad truth that TV is becoming a life-line for families. Violence on TV can also be unacceptable for children as well, considering news is reality. Yet it’s the variety of all news that can help children become more aware and conscious of their surroundings.
In the broader picture, I liked how this post conveyed that exposure to news seems to be emphasized more than the importance of actually watching or reading the news. As mentioned, yes, Facebook can be mostly gossip and have inaccuracies but nevertheless it’s still a news feed streaming to younger generations of news-consumers. It may be via internet and narrowed, but at least young people and even children are taking the step to follow their favorite sports team, celebrity or a news source such as MTV. The bottom line is, isn’t it a good thing that children are using their resources to become informed of the world around them?
Encouraging youth to seek the news from whatever source possible is what will keep journalism running and alive in our world.”

hp blogger Kate Kelly on Sep 21, 2010 at 21:29:14

“Thanks for posting, and you are absolutely doesn't much matter what gets kids interested in the news (sports, celebrity journalism, etc.), they just need to become aware of the bigger world around them. The difficult topics, ranging from why we are at war to issues like immigration or the poor economy, need to be presented in such a way that they are understandable, and certainly, that is the goal of the publications and online programs that are intended to bring news into the classroom. Thanks for reading.”
Future Hiring Will Mainly Benefit The High-Skilled

Future Hiring Will Mainly Benefit The High-Skilled

Commented Sep 7, 2010 at 01:48:33 in Business

“Being in the middle of the résumé totem pole basically means you’re screwed for adequate jobs. However, in this blog, Rugaber and Liedtke point out that it’s the ‘adequate fitting’ jobs that aren’t coming back from the recession, such as real estate, manufacturers, etc; jobs that minimally require a high school, if not college, degree but not necessarily a PhD per se.
Because of this it’s seen that many American’s are in limbo. Supporting a higher education is too vast for reality and working the cash register at McDonald’s is too ‘dumbed down’. Personally, if you’re unemployed and you’re losing out, a job is a job. It’s a two-way road, struggle to gain that extra education and a higher-paying job or subsist with a low-wage job until another opens up.
However American’s are still playing the waiting game, but are they prepared to wait years? The blog informs, ‘adequate’ jobs in the health-care industry can add almost a million jobs, the catch is that this will potentially come true by 2018. Also, that the manufacturing businesses have ‘shed’ almost 2 million jobs since the recession. A number like that isn’t going to bounce back in a timely matter.
I like what Dan Finnigan states as a fitting end to this matter. People are going to have to embrace the future and what it holds. On tangent from Finnigan, people also have to embrace and accept the present, calling upon action instead of sitting, waiting and wishing.”

patrickhenrypress on Sep 7, 2010 at 04:58:13


If I can't find a job, where in god's name do you imagine 20% of our population - all out of work, many with skills and resumes greater than my own - will find theirs? In a Cracker Jack box?”