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San Antonio Flooding Kills At Least Two People

San Antonio Flooding Kills At Least Two People

Commented May 26, 2013 at 21:22:31 in Green

“Really? To all of you who have sorry negative things to say-a young man, not a mile from my house, was just pulled out of the creek about two hours ago. The young man's family and friends held vigil for him all night and all day and we neighbors (my son attends school with him) have prayed all day for his safe return or at least his recovery. This family is heartbroken as are many of us who care about these people who are our friends and neighbors. Please don't be negative! Please don't blame any of this on politics. The people that were lost in this storm were someone's children, sisters, brothers, friends and LOVED ONES! This hurts and it has nothing to do with our politicians and Texan's political beliefs!”