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Justice Department Offers $20 Million For Gun Background Checks

Justice Department Offers $20 Million For Gun Background Checks

Commented Mar 22, 2013 at 16:22:59 in Politics

“The woman recieved a minor wound to her leg and her child was shot in the face and died on the scene. There were no witnesses to the event, aside from the woman, and the only description of the attackers was provided by her (two African American males age ten to fifteen). Despite a door to door search of the area and immediate neighborhood sweep by police no sign of the attackers or additional witnesses have been found.
Prariewinds, you may suggest pro gun people will rant and rave while claiming that more laws wouldn't have prevented this horrible event and they might suggest that you're trying to make your pro gun control political points while standing on top of a dead child to boost your argument, actually,,,you'd both be right. However I think that both sides of the debate would do well to steer clear of this case.
There are too many unanswered questions left hanging and regardless polite fashion dictates that we should at least allow the dead to achieve room temp before trying to make use of them as political props.”

Prairiewinds on Mar 22, 2013 at 16:55:56

“A logical and well-framed response.”
Ashley Judd Senate Run: Actress, Activist Planning To Declare Candidacy, Sources Say

Ashley Judd Senate Run: Actress, Activist Planning To Declare Candidacy, Sources Say

Commented Mar 10, 2013 at 11:04:50 in Politics

“Barack Obama lost Kentucky,,,twice and thats why she is a poor candidate in Kentucky.
She would probably do well elsewhere but not in that state at this time. Its a waste of money and every visit Bill Clinton makes on her behalf is time taken away from his helping another candidate elsewhere who might win. Of course he'll have to make those visits and waste that time because he'll be getting pressure from Hollywood donors to back Judd to the hilt even though its beating a dead horse and he's too smart not to know it.”

Obama Bro on Mar 10, 2013 at 11:12:45

“Hillary won. ”
Ashley Judd Senate Run: Actress, Activist Planning To Declare Candidacy, Sources Say

Ashley Judd Senate Run: Actress, Activist Planning To Declare Candidacy, Sources Say

Commented Mar 10, 2013 at 09:43:53 in Politics

“She would have an excellent chance in Calif, NY or Mass but in Kentucky she's meat on the table. I think she is a very poor candidate for Kentucky and is very unlikely to pull off an upset. The national media loves this sort of story so they'll hype it to death even when they already know she isn't going anywhere. The Democrats would be well served to focus on holding the senate, not a sure bet, and try to pick off the odd Republican seat thats winnable, which with Judd as the candidate this one isn't.”

Obama Bro on Mar 10, 2013 at 09:49:30

“She's the Barack Obama of Kentucky. She will win just like Obama won TWICE.”

Nebraska68847Dem on Mar 10, 2013 at 09:48:41

“uh huh...

You are allowed to imagine the people of Kentucky to be as you describe them.

And that's where your trainwreck starts.”
Two Requests in Light of Recent Events

Two Requests in Light of Recent Events

Commented Nov 17, 2013 at 09:16:44 in Media

“Speaking of dumbing down, Michaellevy do you have even the slightest notion that much of what you wrote is demonstrably false? After this many years President Kennedy is seen as people want him to be and not as he really was. Neither the progressives nor the conservatives who now claim him as one of their own seem to have a clue about the man and the truth is that as a product of World War 2 and leader of the free world eternally stuck in 1963 he probably wouldn't have felt comfortable in either camp today but we'll never know and at the end of the day one guess is as good as the next. In that sense I concede that my thoughts about what President Kennedy would have done and meant to the nation and the world are no better than yours. Of the assassination your assumptions are simple tin foil hat wearing drivel and not worth the time or space to comment on.

If Alec Baldwin wishes to keep using homophobic pejoratives as insults, because yes it is quite clear what he was yelling and he does have a history of doing so, then he should face the consequences of his actions. To suggest that he can use hate speech with impunity because he's Alec Baldwin famous actor and leading progressive is simple hypocrosy. Its also an unfortunate comment on the quality of the todays progressive leadership but regardless his should be a higher standard, not lower.”
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'Good Guys With Guns' Will Not Stop Gun Massacres

Commented Feb 9, 2013 at 01:53:27 in Politics

“So far as the possible outcome I suppose that's true enough. We have no way of knowing how many situations might have become mass shooting incidents but were prevented from advancing to the point where they would need to be thwarted, as in an actual mass shooting that was in the act of occuring. I still contend that it is an idiotic point that is open to so many possible angles that it proves nothing. I could easily claim that in the case of any number of mass shootings the number of fatalities would have been reduced if there were someone present with a handgun. This might be so if for no other reason than afterwards none of the dead were found to be armed and the arrival of armed responders is what put an end to the mass shooting because either the shooer was himself shot or they took their own life. I don't think that to be any more effective a debate point than claiming that if there had been an armed person, other then the mass shooter, present at the begining of the incident the number of dead would have been greater due to a cross fire. Since that's never happend either we can't really know. For my part I believe Bill Maher made an excellent point and it is worth noting that nobody seemed capable, or at least willing, to give him a straight answer..”

bsanford303 on Feb 9, 2013 at 02:43:39

“Mjl thanks for a great post Fanned & Faved”
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'Good Guys With Guns' Will Not Stop Gun Massacres

Commented Feb 8, 2013 at 21:04:31 in Politics

“So we are to pay no mind to anything Ann Coulter or Davi Barker writes but still accept on faith whatever Bob Cesca tell us. Sorry Bob but I don't see you as any better then the other two, and I don't hold them in any high esteem. I'll make up my own mind and one of the observations I do think is legit is that you can't track the incidents that didn't occur any more then you can prove the negative. Look at it this way, you say that there has never been a mass shooting prevented by an armed citizen and that might be true. It's also true that there might have been dozens prevented by an armed citizen, there is no way to know. If you figure that one in every ten justifiable homicide over the last thirty years might have prevented a mass shooting then the number is in the hundreds. The truth is we have no way of knowing so stop spouting the party line drivel and use a little common sense.”

CFTBJWMLTZ on Feb 8, 2013 at 22:26:37

“Thwarted is not the same as prevented, thwarted means stopped. You are arguing with yourself not with Bob's point.”
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The Gender Gap Rules 2012 Election

Commented Nov 3, 2012 at 16:07:27 in Politics

“Amazing, simply amazing. I had no idea that Eleanor Smeal was still alive. She must be something like one hundred and twenty years old by now, and yet by her picture she doesn't seem a day over one hundred and ten. Before we go any further with this can somebody check her to make sure that she isn't one of those Disney robots that now and again wanders out of the park and cause trouble? I remember a few years ago when Lincoln and Madsion got out and robbed a series of late night dry cleaners,,so anyway is she real? She is real, I'll be danged. Well keep her on ice so she doesn't spoil. Now about her point,,,oh yeah, the women's vote. Unless President Obama carries it by a margin larger than Smeal says he will it won't save him. Ta kiddies”

Will737 on Nov 9, 2012 at 12:44:54

“Smeal is eight years older than Romney. Or to put it in terms that a conservative can understand, she is roughly [two years different than] the age of Ronald Reagan when he first ran for president. Given that the life span difference between men and women, she has approximately the same number of expected years left as Mitt Romney has.”
This Election Is Already Over - Obama Has Won

This Election Is Already Over - Obama Has Won

Commented Oct 2, 2012 at 03:05:33 in Politics

“It has rather become very clear that there are a cardre of sore losers who can't accept that they were beaten in 2000 and again, by a wider margin, in 2004. Since they are the ones who have raised election theft, via voter fraud, to an art form this must be very hard for them to take. As was the case in the 1960s with the die hard Nixon supporters who used to beat their breasts and bemoan the idea that if only Kennedy hadn't stolen the election from Nixon there would have been no Vietnam and all the social ills that came forth from that conflict so the Gore brigade marches to its own non existant drummer. After a time the Nixon group were relegated to wearing tin foil hats in public parks and talking to themselves about conspiracies. A sad end but all in all a very small segemnt of society but still no less than the delusional group that you represent. Give my regards to Bigfoot at your next meeting and try to understand that you belong to a very tiny, select and rather pathetic group of true believers who operate on the fringe and are given serious creedence by virtually no one. Obviously the republicans won't give you the time of day but your own democratic party considers you an embaressment and keeps you at arms length. Sad but perhaps for the best. To paraphrase Jack N, it's doubtful you could handle the truth anyway.”

LiberalDemIda on Oct 2, 2012 at 05:02:19

“It's abundantly clear that I have hit a sore spot with you. Aw. Rightie want a cookie?

But you go on ahead and hold fast to your skewed rightwing beliefs regarding the 2000 Florida Recount. It's clear you, not I, belong in that tiny group of people who (have to?) believe GWBush won the election in 2000 democratically. No one else, with more than half a working brain, does.

And thanks for nothing for helping tank the economy and this country with your vote for GWBush and the Republicans. How patriotic to undermine this country, eh?

Has that truth for ya! Pfft.”
This Election Is Already Over - Obama Has Won

This Election Is Already Over - Obama Has Won

Commented Oct 1, 2012 at 15:21:51 in Politics

“Actualy it was twice that Busg won and Gore, after running one of the great bone head races of all time, managed to be the loser lost once and Kerry follwed up with another punt. I'd say deal with it but I doubt you ever will. The same was true of hard core Nixon people in the 1960's after the 1960 election. Kennedy won, as did Bush, deal with it or remain in fantasy land. Your call.
P.S. The current race isn't over. I'd give odds to President Obama to win but it isn't anywhere near a sure thing. I seem to recall the pronouncment that Scott Walker was going down like a drunk sorority girl in the recall and he won by a bigger margin then the first time.”

KENAWULF on Oct 3, 2012 at 03:26:40

“Actually Gore won the national popular vote with more actual votes than Bush. Bush won the Supreme Court Vote. The Supreme Court was not authorized by the Constritution to settle electoral disputes. So, you have 2 unconstitutional acts by the Republicans who valiantly stand for the Constitution of the United States. Republicans have historically proven to be the most craven, deceptive, cheats this nation has ever known. If you are a Republican you now have Voter Fraud to add to your remorseless resume of dirty deeds. You have tried to supress good voters from voting while your side was actually committing the fraud. None of you have a leg to stand on. The best thing you can do is begin to clean up your party. I intend to be at the voting booth working to give Republicans a 12 year hiatus to clean up.”

LiberalDemIda on Oct 1, 2012 at 21:14:29

“It's become painfully clear, that the *only* people who continue to believe that Bush won either of his presidential elections, are the very same people who were uninformed enough to vote for him. No one else, not here in the U.S. or abroad, believes GWBush was elected. Everyone outside of Republican_World knows, both elections were stolen. Also, all those who thought GWBush was a good idea and cast their vote for him, are just as responsible for the catastrophe he and the Republicans in Congress, created.”
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"Psychic" Sally Morgan Sues Critics for £150,000 After Refusing $1 Million to Prove Her Powers

Commented Feb 29, 2012 at 12:47:32 in Weird News

“Nobody will prove themselves simply because there is nohing to prove.”
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"Psychic" Sally Morgan Sues Critics for £150,000 After Refusing $1 Million to Prove Her Powers

Commented Feb 29, 2012 at 12:46:10 in Weird News

“Oh yes by all means do so. The very idea of a psychic association that registers psychics is laughable. What do they do at their meetings, discuss the best way to fleece some poor grief stricken widow or widower? An association of com men and women is not made repectable by virtue of it's being an association and anyway it's still populated with com men and women.”
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"Psychic" Sally Morgan Sues Critics for £150,000 After Refusing $1 Million to Prove Her Powers

Commented Feb 29, 2012 at 12:34:41 in Weird News

“Not to make light of your loss or your friends death but I can't help but wonder how she died. It seems to me that people with the ability to see into the future should verge on immortal as they would know in advance what days to stay in bed and so on. Very likely your friend actually told you that she "scored 80+ percent on her psychic test" but if you just think about it you'll realized that isn't true. Maybe she even believed it herself, which is kinda pathetic if you think about it, but it simply isn't true because there is no such thing as psychic abilities to begin with.”