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Mairaj Khan's Comments

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Ramadan Reflection Day 15: Do Not Forget The World's Oppressed

Commented Aug 5, 2012 at 18:13:09 in Religion

“Well its a good thing that pregnant women, the sick, and the elderly are exempt from fasting now isn't it?”

ILoveTheUSofA on Aug 5, 2012 at 18:55:16

“Dear Mairaj, this subject is addressed in all four of the reports.

For example, please page 6 of this report:

All of the papers say that most Muslim women still engage in Ramadan fasting even when they are pregnant, regardless of what they may believe about any possible exemption. The papers provide references attesting to this fact. That's why we have a huge problem resulting in thousands of tragic cases of easily avoidable prenatal damage to Muslim children with lifelong consequences.

Even if a woman does intend to avoid fasting during pregnancy - how many days can go by, after a woman conceives, before she realizes that she is pregnant? If she is fasting during these days, lasting damage may be done.

Furthermore, there may be times when a young woman does not wish to admit or draw attention to the fact or possibility that she is pregnant.

For these reasons, the appropriate way to prevent damage to unborn babies due to fasting is to exclude all women of any age from engaging in Ramadan fasting.

I call on the Muslim community, for the sake of your own children, to exclude ALL women from Ramadan fasting, regardless of age or any other consideration. That is clearly the most effective, most humane, and most appropriate way to bring an end to prenatal damage due to mothers' Ramadan fasting.”