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Mary Gribble's Comments

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John Kerry: Syria Videos Showing Chemical Weapons Attack Make Case For Military Strike

John Kerry: Syria Videos Showing Chemical Weapons Attack Make Case For Military Strike

Commented Sep 8, 2013 at 13:18:15 in Politics

“Kerry is a puppet of the foreign criminal bankers who took over - and stole - from our US currency in 1913, via the non-Federal "Federal" Reserve. These bankers control each political party. They are as crooked as a barrel of snakes. They have become so wealthy and powerful that too many honest citizens believe they are 'OK" and "official". They answer to no one. Scary? Yep! They have even heavily bribed Congress. This is why things you see things getting worse - wars for no reason - because - these crooks lend to both sides, being assured of being paid back by point of a gun taxes paid by citizens.. America has been scammed big time. Pray for our nation.”
Ron Paul Won

Ron Paul Won

Commented Sep 4, 2012 at 21:36:32 in Politics

“I do not understand a "Sore Loser Law". If you try to scale a wall and do not make it and try again, will that tag you as a loser?”
Ron Paul Won

Ron Paul Won

Commented Sep 4, 2012 at 20:46:19 in Politics

“Bryn Dennehy is 100% correct.! Only the ignorant would contest the simple facts Mr. Dennehy has presented or resort to infantile and baseless name-calling. It is accurate to say that the blackout the GOP d\ created, barring an honest appraisal of the truthful, rule-respecting Liberty Movement, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul's candidacy and the future of America, is an outrage, (a stronger word than outrage is sorely needed!) This action has surprisingly turned into a gift, we are told in Robin Koerner's perceptive artlcle. The GOP's myopic vision will result in the GOP and all other parties, whose policies represent even a gentle form of tyranny, to squirm in their power seats. It is more than talk that Ron Paul supporters will not disappear. Why did David Rockefeller's poker face become one of hastely raised eyebrows when Ron Paul was mentioned by an interviewer?.

I would never loop over to another candidate, my interest in bread and circus has, up to now, been zero, There is no substitute for Ron Paul. Others, shown to be iffy in their positions on the continuance of wars by kingly decree and other misinformed positions, are flies in the ointment of rationality and good sense. Instead, I beiieve, with other Ron Paul supporters, that the warnings in the speeches of George Washington and Dwight D. Eisenhower are alive and well and living in Texas - and each of the other forty-nine states!

To trolls, I suggest: more research is required.”