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Michael A Lesniak's Comments

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Crisis in Korea?

Crisis in Korea?

Commented Nov 24, 2010 at 02:14:44 in World

“Considering the potential damages: one of the most populous and economically vibrant cities in the world, Seoul. What exactly is to be gained by attacking North Korea? The only benefit could be to prevent further provocations, and strengthening of their nuclear arsenal.
Americans are not war mongering goons... thanks. And, no we don't want to fight Muslims and Islam. The region to which you refer as ISLAM! is the Middle East, and if you recall it has been the focal point of countless conflicts since the dawn of mankind, including... oh yea, Muslims conquering the pagans who lived there... and, other muslims. Only some of the greatest civilizations in world history, since the dawn of man, have lived and conquered there. It's not that special, though it is sad. American vs. Islam is such a cliche, get over it... we aren't out to convert muslims or conquer the holy land. Oil, Iran, Economic development in ours and the interests of a hundred other nations... maybe. In the end, it's people killing people for nothing more than some gains in wealth and power. Sorry, has nothing to do with religion, except how faith is used to make ignorant folks complicit. It's as old as man... yes it is sad, but no Americans are in no way the inventors.
Isn't this about Korea?
And yes, there are trillions of dollars worth of natural resources in North Korea.”
Crisis in Korea?

Crisis in Korea?

Commented Nov 24, 2010 at 02:00:10 in World

“I suppose it would be better if north korea just invaded again and took over hanbando? then S.Korea could be under the North Korean 'nukular umbrella'?
South Korea's economy, for starters, benefits greatly from the presence of the US military, without which foreign investment would likely be significantly hampered. "Keep an eye on China" implies what exactly? Unless you mean the suspicious eye South Koreans are keeping on China, since China is likely aiming at annexation of hanbando, starting with North Korea. I assure you that nearly every South Korean would be happy to have the US prevent that from happening. The fact that US presence ensures South Korean sovereignty is likely a stimulant for trade in North East Asia as well as between Korea and other nations, further benefitting South Korea.
And, as to unification... the biggest stumbling block to unification is not the US, it's Kim Jong Il, and his regime of hardliners. Moderates are not tolerated, in fact the successor attempted to assassinate his brother for being moderate. The aggressors were North Korea, have been North Korea, and continue to be North Korea. The rulers are self preserving and autocratic, have no interest in sincere negotiations, and will continue to provoke South Korea. Brinksmanship is in everyone's interest, in that the alternative is all out war, which is in only North Korea's interest. Brinksmanship is the result of frustration among North Korean leaders, who know the longer they wait the weaker they become.”

jspkim on Nov 24, 2010 at 15:57:11

“I have been to both sk and NK and also have communicated with John Feffer on the issue.
If u don'tt know what ur taking abt. it's better not to butt in. or try to lean by John Feffer's book "North Korea / South Korea
U.S. Policy and the Korean Peninsula
(Seven Stories Press 2003)”
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The Most Important Race You Never Heard Of

Commented Oct 31, 2010 at 00:03:25 in Food

“Vote for Thicke!”