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Corexit: An Oil Spill Solution That Is Worse Than The Problem?

Corexit: An Oil Spill Solution That Is Worse Than The Problem?

Commented Apr 26, 2013 at 00:03:27 in Green

“Is this a movie? It must be, everyone is still sitting in their seats, eating popcorn and telling all their friends about it on social media. Why else would this type of governance be allowed to continue, year after year, disaster after disaster, lie after lie. We see the truth, it is right there in front of us, hell, even Michael Moore tried hitting us in the head with a baseball bat with Roger and Me, Columbine, F911, and Sicko, but we still kept eating our popcorn, locked up in our safe warm homes. Why do we do that?! We continue to vote for the very people and the same system that makes all the stuff Michael Moore upset enough to make a movie! Then we go watch it, shake our heads and say, what a shame, then we bend over and say loudly "please sir, another!"

Let's keep the movie interesting. In a movie, the people would take to the streets, stand up for what is right, take on the corporate bastards who are corrupting the government, throw in jail the crooked politicians. Tipping point is leading to an "American Spring" maybe???
Nope, we just want to keep watching the movie!
I am ashamed at my culture, my society, that I am just as much a part of as any of you reading this. Unless of course, you have taken to the streets and protested?!”