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Obama Lost Massachusetts Long Before Brown's Win

Commented Jan 20, 2010 at 19:07:57 in Home

“I am horrified and appalled at some of the comments made by people who call themselves liberals or progressives following the Brown victory in Massachusetts. Folks, get a grip. We are all Americans. There is no room in this country for the kind of intolerance and vitriol I see toward conservatives. Who are you? Where did this extreme hatred and acidic commentary come from?

My fear is that the hatred is SO intense that if someone called for all conservatives to be rounded up and put into gas chambers, many progressives would happily play flutes and throw garbage at people as they were taken to their deaths. Why?

Americans are allowed to disagree. I don't agree with all conservatives, but I also don't agree with all progressives. I am not rabid as I fear many who post blogs on this and other sites may be. What in the world has caused this extreme, vile and vicious dialogue?”

James Croteau on Jan 20, 2010 at 21:08:35

“That's something I have been thinking for a while now. The left has turned into the right. Even seems to effect MSNBC's Olbermann.

He needs to include himself on the worst person list.”

JohnFromCensornati on Jan 20, 2010 at 19:25:38

“LOL. It's as if you've never watched Faux News or listened to H8 Radio. I'm pretty sure that's not the case.”
What We Need Right Now Is Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs

What We Need Right Now Is Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs

Commented Jul 17, 2009 at 16:57:17 in Politics

“As a small business owner, I can say that the minimum wage increase came at the worse time. Since many in Congress have had little real world experience, the economic impact on employers and employees is not considered.

A raise of $.70 per hour seems small. However, with just 10 employees, that raises my employee cost (wages only) to $7.00 per hour. That means I am employing 10 people, but paying for 11.
Since I cannot afford to pay 11 people, I am going to have to lay off one person, get by with nine and still see the same payroll expense I saw with 10. One out of every 10 people will have to be layed off due to this increase.

Min. wage hikes DO NOT help the poor. Source suppliers tack on increased wage costs to their goods. Manufacturers have to pass on that increased cost, plus tack on their own. Distributors have to tack on the increases in cost, so by the time it gets to the retailer, there have been a minimum of 3 stages where the price of goods has been raised. By the time the retailer adds his costs, the item has seen 4 price hikes on the way to our kitchen tables. The minimum wage earner sees their increased earnings wiped out by increased costs.

The poor receive no benefit. Instead, their problems are increased due to job elimination and spikes in the cost of goods.”

tdpubs on Jul 18, 2009 at 10:10:37

“The reason you believe the hype is because there are vested interests who have showered the country with b.s. You can think short term or you can think long term. If you are paying more for a worker, you get more and expect more from that worker. The real economic studies have shown time and time again that higher minimum wages actually increase productivity and increase the GDP.

If you have a city with 30,000 people making an average of 60,000 a year, that city has a better shot at survival and positive growth than a city with residents who make an average of 30,000 a year. The tax base is more stable and supporting service sector is more stable. Goods and services (small business people) make more and keep more of their wealth when the prevailing wages are higher than when they are lower.

This is not theory, we have seen the proof over and over again. We are actually living that proof now. As a local business person, I know that my city and state like many others have fallen for the "multinational corporate" model of cheap labor. Cheap labor drives the economy down.

What many in the big business world look for is not asset value but market value. They focus on what will drive the stock up tomorrow not what will benefit the company and its longevity. Corporatism is sold to small business as a profitable model and it has killed our economy.”

Gidster on Jul 18, 2009 at 02:14:28

“No, you are paying for 10 employees.

Why do employers raise prices, as costs rise, then expect employees wages to remain stagnant and low?

I understand that the majority of corporations would prefer if we worked 16 hour shifts for $2 a day, like they do in their overseas operations, but then we employees cannot afford to eat, or live here in America, where 5% of the population owns 90% of the wealth........”

rainbowblue on Jul 18, 2009 at 01:31:59

“I'm sorry but I call b.s. I just got dumped from a job that tried to use the same reasoning. Their problem, they've been tracking sales in front view of the employees for years. They couldn't afford us, yes, but they also weren't doing anything to create sales. So before you dump employees and blame minium wage, ask yourself this question "am I doing everything I can to grow my business?" Chances are you are not and are incompetent.

That's the state of American capitalism, too many in the market and all are too stupid and lazy to take action--except for action that is unethical and misleading to the consumer (like reducing product being offered while raising prices). Screw the business owner, he's corrupt and should be sent to h$$l!”
huffingtonpost entry

Fight for the Health of Our Country

Commented Jul 10, 2009 at 13:04:18 in Politics

“The Health Care Plan as presented to Congress would indeed provide coverage for all Americans and, of course, illegal aliens as well. The problem is twofold: 1), The cost is exorbitant and unbearable for taxpayers to maintain. 2) Although everyone will have coverage, only the youngest and healthiest will have care. Rationing care will become essential to keep this enormous program from collapsing in upon itself.

How many of you are ready to see your parents and grandparents denied life-saving care due to their age or pre-existing conditions? How many of you are ready to hear a bureaucrat say, "Your mother is too old, her care does not justify the cost. You will have to take care of her yourself".

Instead of health care reform, we need tort reform. We have the best health care in the world, the only thing that needs to be fixed are the ridiculous law suits from people looking for that big payday in the sky.”

LorettaSingbiel on Jul 12, 2009 at 14:03:46

“"only the youngest and healthiest will have care. Rationing care will become essential to keep this enormous program from collapsing in upon itself."

Replace the word "program" with "PROFIT" and you describe how "healthcare" insurance companies do business!

HOPEfully you won't suffer a catastrophic injury or chronic illness ... and your care does not justify the cost.”

gfs5541 on Jul 12, 2009 at 02:45:15

“Okay, so why the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) saying that the public plan will save 150 billion over 10 years?
( )

Ya'll running out of excuses.”

Pema on Jul 10, 2009 at 14:05:22

“this is repub talking points. i heard it from my friend whos daughter watches fox news only. this is just a repub shill trying not to sound wacko. the message is still nuts. cant hide the insanity of the post tho. fail.”